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Does Asthma cause Chest Pain

Is Asthma causing Chest Pain

Yes. Asthma induces chest pain. While breathing in and out, the chest pain will be constant for some people and it will increase for some other patients. For few asthma patients, chest pain will be mild and for few others, the pain will be severe, based on how well the patient controls asthma. Similarly, the chest pain in the asthma patient can be concentrated or diffused when it is caused by the lungs. Severe cough due to asthma cause strain and pain to chest. In case of severe chest pain, the patient has to immediately contact the Doctor and get treatment.

When does Asthma cause Chest Pain

Asthmatic patients have a feeling of tightness in their chest when asthma is severe. Many asthma patients have this problem and they live with it. When the asthma is controlled in the patient, chest pain also gets reduced. But the patient must consult with the Doctor to confirm if this chest pain is a symptom of asthma or heart attack or angina.

How does Asthma cause Chest Pain

The lungs and the inside of the chest are covered by a membrane called pleura. The space in between the two pleural membranes is called as the pleural cavity.
This pleural cavity is filled with a fluid which helps in lung contraction and relaxation while breathing. Any problem in pleura leads to problems in breathing and severe chest pain.

Secondary or Tension pneumothorax

which is used to term lung collapse, might happen to an asthmatic patient if asthma attack is severe. Lung collapse happens when the lungs capacity to hold air gets reduced and so the air in the lung more than its capacity enters pleura and gets filled there. As the air capacity in the lung is reduced, breathing becomes very difficult and breath is shortened. This happens if the patient has been affected by severe asthma attack leading to chronic lung problem. This causes chest pain not because lung has insufficient air but because of air in pleura and the nerve endings are at pleura and not at the lungs.

What is the Treatment for Secondary or Tension Pneumothorax

Treatment for secondary or tension pneumothorax is done by inserting a needle below the lung into the pleural cavity which releases the air. The severity of the lung collapse will then get reduced and the asthmatic patient has to be admitted in hospital for further treatment.

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