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Does Asthma cause High Blood Pressure

Asthma is a chronic lung inflammation in the bronchial tubes which causes narrowing, swelling and blocking of airways thereby leading to difficulty in breathing. High blood pressure or hypertension is a problem of increased tension in the arteries during blood pumping through the heart. Nowadays many people are suffering from both asthma and high blood pressure.

Does Asthma cause High Blood Pressure

Yes, asthma causes blood pressure in adults. Studies have confirmed about asthma inducing high blood pressure. But it is not sure if asthma affects hypertension in case of adolescents.

How Does Asthma cause High Blood Pressure

The blood for a normal person moves from the lung to the left ventricle through the left atrium. From the left ventricle, blood is pumped to all the peripheral parts of the body through the arteries. High blood pressure means the pressure of the blood in the arteries is more than the normal. For an asthmatic patient, the respiratory passage is constricted due to which he faces difficulty in breathing and needs expansion of respiratory airway. So, he consumes medicine that targets the beta receptors lining the respiratory passage to expand the respiratory airway. These medicines sometimes expand the blood vessels too and thus cause high blood pressure. Metered Dose inhalers (MDI) are a part of asthma medication consumed by most of the asthma patients which simulates the beta receptors.

What is the Treatment for Hypertension caused by Asthma

Treatment to reduce the high blood pressure is consuming blood pressure tablet with diuretics and beta-blockers. The beta-blockers can block the beta-receptors activation and avoid the blood vessels from widening and thus reduce hypertension by dilating the blood vessels.

Does Asthma also cause Low Blood Pressure

The bronchial tubes of an asthmatic patient get constricted and so the patient has to breathe harder to expand the wall of the thorax due to which a high magnitude of negative effect is produced in the thoracic cavity. Due to this negative effect, the blood is sucked back to the lung itself than moving into the left atrium. This decreases blood in ventrium leading to decrease in blood expelled out from heart to arteries (lower stroke volume). Due to this scenario, pressure in artery becomes low leading to low blood pressure, though the body tries to compensate it by increasing both the heart rate (baroreceptor reflex) and the peripheral resistance.


The asthma and hypertension medications have contradictory effect on beta receptors. So when medicines are to be consumed for both asthma and hypertension, Doctor Consultation is mandatory.

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