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Candida Skin Infection Treatment

Candida skin infection is an infection of the skin caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans. When the resistance of the body gets decreased, this skin infection will grow excessively thereby leading to infection. Usually, the fungus will be present under the breasts of the women, in groin, on genitals, in the skin folds, and in the area located in the region of anal orifice.

Babies who have a nappy rash, people who are likely to have metabolic disorder like diabetics, obese persons, expecting women, and women who take high-dose of contraceptive pills like Ovran, people who are HIV positive, people suffering from other kinds of immunodeficiency disorders are in higher risk of getting candida skin infection.

Diagnosis of Candida Skin Infection

If a person finds any change or discoloration in the texture of the skin or when the person notices skin scrap then he can go for diagnosis through microscopic examination.

Herbal Treatment for Candida Skin Infection

Listed below are the effective herbal treatment suggestions for Candida skin infection:

1.An anti-fungal solution that can bring the body PH value to the initial one is grapefruit seed extract.

2.In improvising the immune system, proven remedy that works miracles is shark liver oil. Usage of this oil should be mandatory in the diet.

3.Although an old practice, because of their antimicrobial properties, garlic pills are always encouraged for the treatment of Candida Skin infection.

4.Lacto-ferrin, which has the capacity to fight against the yeast, has to be consumed regularly.

5.Tea tree oil, known for its anti-fungal and anti-Candida properties should be applied regularly to control the spread of the Candida Skin infection

Medication for Candida Skin Infection

Anti-fungal medication like tables or any injections and anti-fungal agents such as shampoos are suggested. For infants, changing diapers frequently in case of diaper rash and the use of barricade creams helps in speedy recovery. In case of adults, Clotrimazole (Mycelex Troche) creams and lotions can be useful to control skin infections.

Precautions to avoid Spreading of Candida Skin Infection

Washing and cleaning hands after applying antifungal creams on the infected areas of the skin is mandatory to prevent candida skin infection from spreading further.
Clothing should be in cotton or wool, that is, natural fabrics should be preferred. Socks and gloves should be changed regularly and the clothing should be thoroughly dry. Towels and handkerchiefs should not be used by others. Obese persons should dry their body, especially the skin folding areas.

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