First know about childrens sleeping problems

Being awake all daytime and night or having problems of sleep can be very harmful to children that could cause low performance in school, extra-curricular activities and in other vital social relationships. It is found that lack of sleep could have very negative and dangerous consequences like accidents and injuries, mood problems, lack of memory and concentration in addition to learning problems. This could also cause low performance in various activities coupled with behavioral problems and slow reaction to the surrounding circumstances.

It is significant to note that childrens sleeping problems could include Insomnia or a problem where the child feels it very difficult to sleep at night and sleep all night that could be accompanied with sleeplessness or drowsiness all day with difficulty in concentrating and performing tasks to the satisfaction of self and others. Getting up very early in the morning could also be one significant feature of childrens sleeping problems that can be placed in the short term to stress, some medical or psychiatric problem or even temporary pain.

Most parents must have definitely heard even if they have not experienced their children being subject to nightmares, a sleeping disorder in children that is characterized with frightening dreams with rapid eye movement that awakens the child that is in deep sleep. Nightmares that occur in the later part of the night, it is found that every 3 out of 100 very young children experience it, upsetting the child with him/her requiring reassurance in the form of a nightlight or some other security object. It is true for these scary events can cause stress and difficult times and also lead to changes in the childs daily routine.

Another significant sleep problem in children are sleep terrors that unlike nightmares occur in the early part of the night causing the child to be distressed, to scream out. However children may not necessarily wake up or even be aware of such an event. Sleep terrors are not necessarily caused by lack of sleep or irregular sleep schedule or stress or new environment but by increased sleeping time.

Another significant sleeping disorder, namely restless legs syndrome that could affect adults too is characterized with uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings like itching, crawly or tingly in the legs that also causes an uncontrollable urge to move around. Making it difficult to sleep, this syndrome can definitely be set right with making suitable changes in bedtime routines, taking iron substitutes and consulting the doctor to prescribe appropriate medications.

Amusing yet significant childrens sleeping problems could also show up as sleep talking where the children talk, laugh and cry all in ones sleep. Most children would be rather surprised if they are told of these incidents and may just deny it. One need not be very particular of treating sleep talking, however sleep walking that is experienced by many children usually between the age of 3 years to 7 years requires prompt action in the form of advancing bedtime. Occurring an hour or two after falling asleep, this phase could last for just 5 to 20 minutes.

Snoring also characteristic of some children is a sleeping problem that could be caused by a partial blockage in the airway that makes a noise as the air hits the back of the throat. Resembling a vibration it is common for children that have acute and chronic nasal congestion, enlarged tonsillitis and adenoids to snore habitually at night.

Sleep apnea also characterized with snoring that is loud could be due to difficulty experienced in breathing or obstructive sleep apnea that is a more serious problem of sleep. Characterized by breathing pauses during sleep, it is quite common to see these children suddenly wake up, with daytime drowsiness, problems at school and society and hyperactivity being bye products of the sleep problem.

The last word of caution for dealing with childrens sleep problems lies in rendering treatment and taking corrective steps in time, for if neglected they could turn into long term problems of a lifetime.