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What Causes Aging?

Most of the advertising you get to see, indoor or outdoor, is targeted at the aging group where a model promotes the product to be the most effective remedy for aging and claims that it can turn you to a young, slim, fair and what not personality. However these anti-aging products are in supply because they are in great demand. This demand has grown keeping in mind those conscious people who prefer to hide their age behind cosmetics.

Studies say that after you cross twenties you start to grow old and there stops the hope of becoming beautiful. But the secret to look healthy, young and beautiful is here. Keeping your inner self clean and happy is the best way to keep looking young and radiant.

The Beauty Lie Within Us

There are many factors that cause aging but the most definite factor is bad nutrition. Many professions demand traveling and getting nutritious food becomes a trouble. There people give up on their health for convenience. But a little effort can get you a healthy and nutritious meal that ensures a good healthy and skin. Extremes in food habits can also cause aging faster and there is no alternative for a balanced diet.

Pollution, tobacco smoke, radiation and some chemicals emit extreme toxin substances contaminating the nature. But there is a natural way to get rid of these health hazardous substances from our body. Foods that contain antioxidants in abundance are the best source to cut down these free radicals. Any brightly colored fruit or green leafy vegetable when consumed directly are rich source of antioxidants.

Lack of sleep is another major reason for early aging. To keep physically fit and mentally healthy eight hours of sleep is required by a normal person. While sleeping body falls into a calm condition and all systems are repaired. The dark circles under the eyes can also be avoided. Our immune system and health are at their best when we take rest and we are less likely to fall ill and age early

Alcoholism and smoking also cause aging. Alcohol consumption is nothing but drinking unnecessary and empty calories. Wine is considered a health drink but remember that it is only adding unwanted calories to your health.

Drinking only increases the chances of gaining extra pounds and damages personal and professional life. Another bad factor is the habit of smoking. Smoking not only has an ill effect on our skin but also does extensive damage to our lungs making us fall ill. Preventing such illness is in our hands. That is in short aging is to a great extent in our hands.

However, genes and many genetic factors play a vital role in the process of aging, control on other environmental factors are completely in our hands. Curtailing and slowly putting a stop to the bad habits and eventually cultivating good ones can bring your life, health and skin back to normal, young and radiant.

Prostate Cancer Prognosis Increases Life Expectancy

To live a healthy and a quality life one should stay away from things that can cause diseases. Avoiding health hazardous diseases can help you live your life till your expected tenure.

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Identifying and treating health conditions on time can also aid in increasing ones life expectancy. When it comes to prostate cancer prognosis it aids quicker and effective treatment if the cancer is in its initial stages and is small enough to be treated through medications. The happy news is that researchers have found out that almost a three quarter of the population who have undergone prostate cancer prognosis and are reported to have smaller tumors can live longer than other patients.

More About Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Prostate cancer has various phases due to which a prostate cancer prognosis should cover all the different forms. Normally, prostate cancer prognosis conducted for Stage I and Stage II is a very common process and in most cases the affected person can carry on with his normal routine as usual. If you are one of those who have an average of 70 years of life expectancy you can just add a few couple of years to your life. But when your prostate cancer is diagnosed to be a minor one you can then add many more years to your life.

After you get your prostate cancer prognosis done, you can look for a good treatment or another alternative to overcome the health condition. Being vigilant about the cancer is one thing you can do but there are surgical options and radiation therapy also available for men who have a not so good prostate cancer.

Thought lung cancer tops the list, prostate cancer is the second top type of cancer that has proved fatal in many cases. American men should be cautious about prostate cancer because they are at more risk of developing one sooner or later. Luckily, the majority of cases reported for prostate cancer show slow growth which means that an early prostate cancer prognosis can help a person live longer and enjoy quality life. As early prostate cancer prognosis can reduce the prostate cancer statistics by a significant 98%.

But if the prostate cancer prognosis is performed at a very late phase of cancer, the tumor would have spread to many parts of the body making it very complex to treat the condition. However, there are still chances of surviving if only you have not contracted metastasized cancer.

Educating oneself of the various measures available for treating prostate cancer is definitely going to benefit the person. Moreover, many scientists and medical professionals are putting in their valuable knowledge and effort to find out appropriate methods to cure prostate cancer.

Do you know that prostate cancer prognosis also undertakes cases where the patients have contracted the cancerous disease again? However, there is nothing much to worry, as there are good remedies available to get rid of the health condition, especially if the prostate cancer has not multiplied and is still confined to the prostate glands.

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