Every person ages but one should know to control and live with the process. Despite the fact that people age every year, research is still going on how to slow and manipulate this unavoidable process. Never smoke or stop smoking should be the keyword to slow down the process of ageing. Smoking creates adverse affects on our system and this habit dies hard. The cold turkey quitting system has been effective to some extent although there are many aids to help people to stop smoking. If one is determined to quit smoking he can go any extent so as to slow his aging process. Medications or chewing gum, nicotine patches are some methods which can help people to quit smoking.

Moderately drinking persons i.e., a glass of wine or a cocktail occasionally does not affect a persons ageing process. So they need not worry about it. But on the other hand alcoholics should draw a line and cut down their drinks so as to slow down their ageing process. Rest and a good night sleep should to some extent help to overcome the ageing process, because they are away from their bad habits when they sleep. Eight hours of sleep every night is a must for one and all.

Some Good Habits To Slow The Process

A remarkable change is seen in certain aged people who have lived their life in a distinguished way. People usually follow all good habits when they are young but one should know that they can always change from bad to good if they wish to. People who want to remain young should always stick to healthy and nutritious eating patterns. Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish should constitute their daily meal. Fat content food is best when avoided. To include all nutrients in your daily diet you can also have an intake of some extra vitamins. A healthy weight maintained helps to slow down ageing. The correct weight of a person can be determined with the help of charts and tables available

There is no substitute to exercise and this helps a lot in slowing ageing process. An exercise of half an hour twice or thrice a week is adequate. But some more time for exercises will only do good. The well being of a person can be noted from the amount of stress he takes which can affect his ageing. A stress free life surely will help you feel healthier and younger. It has a positive impact in your life if you reduce stress in your life, which means a quality of life.