We all know that aging is a natural process and one cannot avoid it, however research is still going on to know why we age. Studies are still going to know why some people age faster than their friends and colleagues.

There are different theories regarding ageing according to scientists as different people have different biological clock. There are still contradictions regarding the theories of aging. Most of the theories are result of extensive studies but none has reached common agreement in this matter.

The Theoretical Factors

The theory of human DNA is one of the famous theories of aging. DNA is the genetic blue-print inherited by us from our parents. But we do not have the carbon copy DNA of our parents.

Parental genes determine our body structure. Our features are decided by the exclusive genes which we inherit from our parents. Our mental and physical task is regulated by the DNA. Our ageing process is also determined by them. This theory of aging says that DNA decides our aging pattern.

Though this theory is accepted by the majority of the society there still exist a controversy. Some famous experts say that it is only DNA which determines and controls our aging process. Another group of researchers say there may be may other factors which attribute to our aging and do not agree to the theory of DNA.

There may be other external factors also which determine our aging. They are diet, lifestyle, environmental pollution and also our day to day living. The ageing process becomes fast when we are affected by these external factors degenerating the composition of our body. But again if these external factors turn out to be positive for us our ageing process slows down to a great extent.

Telomerase is another theory of aging which cropped up when it was found that external factors play an important role in slowing or accelerating our ageing process. This theory anyhow is the outcome of further studies of the earlier theory of DNA, which again helps us to know why some people age faster than others.