As we grow older all of us need to learn how to cope up with vascular aging. The lucky ones do not face many health issues with vascular aging, however a few have to endure various diseases caused by vascular aging. People with a family history of vascular diseases should be very cautious with their health as they age, because they would have for sure genetically inherited these diseases from their parents or grandparents.

Disorders Associated With Vascular Aging

One of the most common health issues is venous disease that is linked to vascular aging. But the fact is that vascular aging is not the sole reason for the occurrence of this disease in people. Age is not a criterion for this disease as young and the aged are both equally affected. You may be curious to know what this venous disease is. This disease is the clotting or inflammation in our veins that is particularly found around the legs. If ignored, this can result in difficulty in walking, pain, swelling and even leg ulcers. Thought not a serious condition, it should be treated as soon as possible before casues further complications.

Renal artery disease is another disorder that is usually related to vascular aging. This disorder occurs when there is a blockage in the renal arteries. Renal artery disease is a serious condition, unlike the venous disease that is not life threatening. Due to the blocks in the arteries around the renal area, kidney starts malfunctioning that can aggravate the condition even more causing high pressure in the blood.

Another grave disorder, besides renal artery disease, is abdominal aortic aneurysm that is a result of vascular aging. Do you know that aorta is the largest blood vessel in our body? Once this blood vessel deteriorates, it burst threatening the survival of the person. Luckily when identified at an early stage, abdominal aortic aneurysm can be treated with the right medication.

Factors That Lead To Vascular Aging

Doctors believe that vascular diseases bud when we slowly start to age. People who are still in their 40s are much fortunate than people above the age of 50 as they tend to fall prey for all kinds of vascular disorders. Remember the fact that the highest risk factor is nothing but vascular aging. Vascular disorders strike people who already suffer from diabetes mellitus and heart disease. Additionally, people who constantly practice cigarette abuse are at a high risk of acquiring these diseases in comparison to those who do not have such bad habits. The truth, as per researches, is that the primary risk factor of developing vascular disorders is smoking.