Month February 2006

Diseases of the tongue – Gray, Bluish and Red Discoloration

The tongue, like the rest of the inner surface of the mouth, may have several diseases common to the inner mouth cavity. However, its refinements in touching and tasting bring it in contact with all substances entering the mouth and… Continue Reading →

Examining the Tongue for problems

Examination of the Tongue The tongue is examined mainly in natural light, and at least partially with forced extension. Grasp the tip of the extended tongue between the thumb and forefinger, (wrapped in a hand-derchief) and pull the tongue forcibly… Continue Reading →

Problems with the Teeth – Cracked teeth, Pyorrhea, Cancer of the Gums

Cracked Teeth. A tooth broken from trauma or any other cause may not be painful or diseased itself, but jagged, sharp edges of the teeth are often points of chronic irritation for the gums, cheeks and tongue. Continued irritation becomes… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the teeth and gums

Advancing years exact a heavy toll of the teeth in infection, decay and actual loss. In early years of life, heredity and nutrition are most important to the teeth. In later years, especially after fifty, tooth life is in direct… Continue Reading →

Practicing Yoga

Practicing yoga has helped many people in many ways. Such people who need to release their tension can do yoga exercises in order to relieve themselves. Sometimes, you might end up with lot of work and you may not find… Continue Reading →

Examining the Teeth and the Gums for problems

Examination of the Teeth and Gums Stand before a well lighted mirror and examine the teeth as well as possible with the aid of a small pocket mirror, inserted into the mouth. 1. Examine the teeth for discoloration. Gross discoloration… Continue Reading →

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