In today’s faster world, many doctors do not have time and the necessary patience to make a thorough examination of their patients to arrive at the exact cause of their ill health. Further, in the absence of finding any permanent and full medical needs of the patients, the patients tend to suffer more and their illness never get cured.

There are no well spent quality time when it comes to doctor-patient relation and many a times the physician doesn’t have time to discuss the patients history, secondary symptoms, allergy reactions, etc and the doctor solely depends on the test results alone, which may sometime lead to a wrong diagnosis also.

Majority of the physicians is trained only in western medicine and there is no scope for them to use or advocate any of the alternative therapies that are found to be effective in curing many of the complicated diseases. Further, western style of medicine never takes into consideration few of the new age therapies such as music therapy, yoga, pranayama, etc.

Human life is the highest form of life in this globe and it deserves a better understanding and treatment when it comes to protecting it from the perils of disease or disaster. As a whole, the body of both men and women is a complex one and hence a well-defined integrated approach for curing diseases can make a marked effect on the whole body.

Hence for an integrated women’s health, addressing the disease in relation to the part it has affected can really have an overall effect and if this is combined with few of the alternative methods such as biofeedback, music therapy and affirmations can see the patient recovering fast and efficiently.


Biofeedback, is in fact a combination of both western medicine and alternative forms of medicine. The results of measured symptoms such as body skin temperature, heart’s pulse rate and blood pressure are informed to the patients and this will prepare them to respond to the outward signals of their body by increasing their awareness.

The patient will be trained to counter any of such negative bodily signals or symptoms and there by achieve a curative effect. For instance, the patients can be educated about the headache or hypertension and they can be trained in various relaxation techniques so as to avoid any onset of migraine or blood pressure.

Music Therapy

It is a yet another effective form of alternative therapy and can effectively be applied in the integrated women’s health care program. Here in this technique, music is used as a treatment method and a well-qualified musical therapist will administer the therapy to the patient. In this specialized therapy, the patient’s mental and physical condition will be elevated through a well-structured music component.

Music therapy doesn’t actually stop with listening music alone, but it extends to playing musical instruments by the patient themselves, following with the music flow, writing music notes, and through various imaginative exercises. The main goal of music therapy as an integral part of women’s health care program is to achieve an overall healing process, both at physical and emotional levels.


The power of affirmation is again a useful element when it comes to the integrated approach for women’s health care program. Here, the mind will be made to make an inward journey and the power of spiritual angle is well utilised or tapped for achieving a curative effect. Intense and affirmative affirmations are made so as to awaken the spiritual forces act for restoring the wellness of the person.

Once a favourable state is obtained or reached then this can be made as an integral part of women’s health care program by way of healing verbal affirmations.

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