Any well balanced diet has protein in it as an important constituent. In order to keep up muscle mass and to build bulk body builders rely upon high protein. Good physical development of the foetus in pregnant mothers requires higher protein intake. Nursing mothers should consider their protein in take so that they have proper nutrition for the baby and for themselves. Protein rich foods are mostly criminal products like meat and eggs while nuts and vegetables have smaller quantities.

The protein Metabolism

Protein metabolism is a complex biological process. It breaks down the proteins into building blocks for use of the body. It is the releaser of all energy for the body to carry on usual task, like damage repairing, new cell growth and activities like breathing and circulation.

Protein and Carbohydrate Metabolism

While carbohydrates have simple sugars, proteins are made of amino acids which have to be converted into glycogen or sugar for the body to utilize it. Carbohydrates are burnt quickly where as protein metabolism is longer. This fact should be understood by people with diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Diabetics must strictly follow dietary guidelines which maintain a balance of proteins and carbohydrates to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body, daily. A stable blood sugar level is always healthier for endocrine organs.

Utilization of Protein

Over all status of nutrition improves by an increase of protein rich foods. Weight loss and control of weight gain can be achieved by selecting low fat items like dairy products made from skimmed milk. Persons with cholesterol and obesity will benefit by eating fish, turkey, and chickens in stead of beef and pork.

The rate of metabolism is different in different people. Choice of healthy foods, frequency of eating smaller meals, and regular exercise increases the time of metabolism for using food as energy. Increasing muscle mass by weight lifting or static exercises will also increase a persons metabolism.

Protein metabolism, a complex function of the body is almost of an involuntary process. Making a few small changes we can help our bodies to maintain optimum health. By knowing what those changeable factors and the working of the metabolism we can be happy in good health which is a great achievement.