Prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system and is a tight but muscular organ that can be found at the neck of the urethra and at the bottom of the bladder. Prostate secretes a sticky fluid that forms an essential part of semen. It also helps in a free flow of urine.

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Prostate gland is situated right under the bladder and behind the pubic bone. It is a walnut sized organ that surrounds the urethra walls. Urethra is a urinary duct which is a connecting track between the bladder and the penis to excrete the excess fluid out of the body.Majority of men in todays world suffer from some type of prostate health problem in their life and the most horrible conditions is the development of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a grave health condition just like any other form of cancer. So it makes it necessary for every man to stay healthy. Neglecting and not catering to critical health conditions like enlarged prostate can eventually lead to development of prostate cancer.

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While you look for information on prostate gland you will also find a lot of information linked to prostate cancer as it has become a major male health concern. Make sure you know the symptoms of prostate cancer so that you can determine if you suffer from this detriment or not at an early stage. If you do contract this disease contact your doctor immediately for further guidance and treatments. Prostate cancer is initiated in the damaged cells present in the prostate gland. Since, this form of cancer develop over a period of time, it can be easily dealt with if diagnosed at an early stage. The United States is greatly affected by prostate cancer, Canada being the most influenced region.

The first thing a doctor would like to know is the state of the cancer. After the diagnosis is done the doctor will look for treatment options to correct the problem. There are a lot of treatment options available to treat prostate gland and surgery is the last preferred option. But when the prostate cancer is ignored for a long time and the effect of tumor has diffused to many body parts prostate surgery is the best option in such cases.

A prostate surgery would be suggested only to those who are physically fit and are eligible for this treatment. The phase and severity of the cancer is taken onto account before performing the surgery. Remember, an older person or a person with other health disorders are not considered as good candidates for prostate surgeries. The patient will be on anesthesia throughout the surgery and will not have conscious while the operation is going on. Then the patient will have to spend a few days in hospital post surgery and will be under observation to keep a check on the progress.