Many cancer patients opt for alternative treatments which differ from complementary medicine. Alternative treatment replaces conventional medicine while complementary medicine heightens and helps the conventional methods.

Before selecting the alternative treatment serious thought research must go into it. Sadly, there is no scientific sanction to confirm if the method is safe and sound or not.

Realizing the unbearable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, a few cancer patients opt for alternative treatment after surgery. Since it is difficult to get a supportive doctor to monitor for the progress, the patient can bank on some famous healthcare professional in the field of holistic healing.

Alternative treatments mostly require a dramatic change in the life style, discipline and commitment to attain best results. There is here, first detoxification, followed by a healthy regimen with better eating supplementary vitamins, herbal potions, breathing exercises, massage therapy, acupuncture and meditation. Caution and research are vital as no guarantee is offered as per the claims. However there non standard approaches have produced remarkable results.

Complementary medicines along with conventional treatments do not have scientific basis. They do not treat the disease but relieve a few side effects of cancer treatment to augment the overall quality of life.

A few suggested remedies are acupuncture, acupressure to relieve stress and pain. Vitamin and herbal remedies for building immune system, empowerment of the body to fight the disease, meditation to control pain aroma therapy and yoga to strengthen the body.

In following complementary therapies, coordinate with the doctor and inform of any negative interaction with the treatment. Vitamin C, for example, boosts the immune system but worsens the side effects of the chemotherapy drug Methotrexate, so better to wait till the treatment is concluded.

The benefits of these varied approaches in healing have made the doctors open to the patients efforts. A few standard hospitals have included alternative medicine wings to complement their methods. With your knowledge and research discuss frankly with your physician or oncologist. Irrespective of the result the patient is happy at the total improvement in the quality of his existence.