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Treating Breast Cancer with Radiation – Is It Safe?

It is tremendously stressful and unfortunate to see your close relative diagnosed for breast cancer. The specialist will offer you many options for treatment and the best one that suits you.The best course of treatment depends upon the type of concern and at what stage it is prevalent. This varies from person to person and in general surgery is done followed by chemotherapy or radiation or a combination of both.

High energy x-rays target and kill cancer cells in the process of radiation after the surgery and removed of the main part of cancer. It is expected to kill and remove any cancer cells left un-removed and to arrest the spread and recurrence of cancer. Larger cancers require radiation in advance to reduce the size of tumor and make the surgery easier.Radiation destroys cancer cells from their rapid growth and uncontrollable nature. They become vulnerable because they are less organized, cannot bounce back and repair themselves dissimilar to the stable health cells that recover and effectively repair themselves.

Radiation as the only additional treatment will be for three to four weeks after surgery. If chemotherapy is recommended, it will precede radiation. Radiation is done at a particular Centre and the person is treated as an out patient. Radiation will be five days a week for five to six months consecutively.The treatment is without pain and for half hour duration along with computerization and pinpoint accuracy. This powerful therapy makes the patient extremely fatigued. The skin of the breast becomes extremely tender, swollen as if it is sun burnt. The nurses and technicians will educate you on how to care for the condition.

You should think twice before you go for radiation therapy as serious side effects are caused like arm swelling, damage to the lung area and also affecting the appearance or the consistency of the breast tissue. You can meet the radiation oncologist the treatment can be adjusted or if a more focused treatment is possible to limit the risks.It is better to discuss with others the result of their circumstances and gather as much information as possible. This is a very difficult thing to do because the issue is serious along with the fatigue that ensures. You can make the best decision and respectively gain confidence.

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