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Treatment Through Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Majority of male population around the world suffers from prostate cancer. 25% of men suffering from cancer in the UK are prostate cancer patients. Fortunately, this cancerous disease can be treated if identified at an earlier stage. With the advanced medical technologies there is a dramatic increase in effectiveness of prostate cancer treatments from the year 1970 as more and more people are surviving the detriment. Nowadays more than 75% of the population suffering from prostate cancer is smartly able to deal with the cancer successfully.

Prostate surgeries or hormone therapies there are a variety of prostate cancer treatment techniques. People who suffer from prostate cancer will be suggested to undergo prostatectomy, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy and will be kept under round the clock observation. The radiologist at times makes use of a couple of therapies together to treat prostate cancer.

Age and the health condition of the patients are taken into account before determining the prostate cancer radiation therapy. Moreover, the doctor will decide the treatment depending on the gravity of the prostate health and how much the cancer has diffused into the body. If the case is serious and critical the patient will have to undergo radiation treatment along with hormone treatment meant for prostate cancer.

Kinds of Radiation Therapy

There are tow main types of prostate cancer radiation treatments available one is the external beam radiation therapy and the other is bryachtherapy. In the former type of radiation therapy a radiation machine, that works like the x-ray machine, destroys the cancer cells present in the prostate. While in a bryachtherapy tiny radioactive shots or seeds are introduced into the prostate gland. Anyway both the prostate cancer radiation treatments are equally helpful in curing the cancer.

However a patient undergoing the beam radiation therapy as a part of his prostate cancer radiation treatment should be paying many visits to the doctor but the treatment does not involve anesthesia. On the other hand, a patient opting for seed therapy has only one sitting with the doctor and is given anesthesia where many patients feel uneasy after the radiation therapy. One should also know that beam radiation has lower side effects compared to the bryachtherapy.

What Are Its Fallouts

The worst side effect of these prostate cancer radiation treatments is that more than half of the population that has undergone this therapy become impotent in a couple of years after taking the treatment. Fatigue, burning sensation when urinating, blood traces in the urine, rectal bleeding, general discomfort and diarrhea are some of the most common side effects experienced after the radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Although there are a few benefits of undergoing a prostate cancer radiation treatment, there are also certain side effects that affects ones health. Unlike prostatectomy, here the prostate gland is not taken out but the tumor cells are burnt where the cancer is completely eliminated.

Get A Safe Radiation Therapy

Prostate cancer radiation treatment directly treats the prostate cancer cells and utmost care is taken that other healthy tissues are not harmed in the process. Doctors generally ask their patient to go through an x-ray through which they obtain a 3D image of the prostate gland and the nearby area of the organ. This helps them decide on the amount of radiation that has to be given to the patient so that the surrounding organs like the rectum, bladder, hips and penis are not affected. With the advancement in medical science more and more safety measures are being established to make the prostate cancer radiation treatment popular. If you are one of those suffering from prostate cancer you will for sure benefit from this treatment more than what you would have a couple of years ago.

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