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Tell Me What Causes Hyperactivity In Children

It is significant to know that though many of us have been considerably concerned about the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, it has been difficult even for scientists to pinpoint the exact cause of this genetic neurobiological condition that results as a combination of many other conditions with genes playing a major role in its cause and development through generations. It is worth noting that this disorder could also be caused as a combination of factors like environment, diet, brain injuries and the surrounding social environment.


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Having a bird eye view of various causes it is significant to find there are various physiological causes for ADHD that could range from genetics to ingestion of substances that are toxic, with causes also being attributed to brain injury and abnormalities and sensitivity to certain items of diet. It is right to say that every 1 out of 4 children that are affected by this disorder had a relative that was subject to this disorder. It has been noted that change in the neurotransmitters/chemicals in the brain made one get afflicted with ADHD and its development. It is again significant to note that these changes could either be inherited, caused by brain injury, or substance abuse or exposure to harmful toxins.

Discussing in detail about the causes of hyperactivity

1.It has been well proved with research that we are what our genes give us at birth and this applies to ADHD also, with about 1 out of 4 relatives of children
diagnosed with this condition also being affected with ADHD. ADHD is believed to run in certain families, so it is hoped that scientists soon identify such genes and find better ways to deal with these disorders. It is true that ADHD children with a particular gene have a much thinner membrane than other children in the area of attention, but in most cases they became thicker with age and their symptoms of ADH improved.

2.Stress, anxiety and nervousness could be major causes for hyperactivity in children. It is true that children are highly influenced by security in their life
and any upsetting force makes a child unsure of himself/herself and one behaves in an odd and hyperactive way. Anxiety that could be as a result of outside forces or at home that causes sensory stimulation with no regular routine could also result in hyperactivity. Similarly nervousness showing up as fidgeting, nail biting, or nervous medical conditions or disorders could cause hyperactivity.

3.Mothers lay the foundation for their children for a lifetime, so you as a mother should be careful to avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs if you do not want to
give birth to a child with attention and hyperactivity disorder. It is true that that the nerve cells activity in producing neurotransmitters is reduced in children born out of mothers that used abused substances during pregnancy. Linked to hyperactivity in children later in life, these ill-effects could also be found in children exposed to lead in paints when young. It is extremely true to say that toxic substances can lead to disruptive and violent behavior with short attention span in children.

4.All of us wish our lives to be sweet, but there is a popular conception that refined sugar causes ADHD symptoms. Probably this is due to increase of feel
good hormones, but there is no conclusive proof of it being true. However reducing refined sugar is always healthy, with reduction of food preservatives and artificial colors also helping to reduce hyperactivity.

A last word, hyperactivity and attention disorder can be treated once one knows what causes of hyperactivity in children and pinpointing the cause. Effective methods of improving behavior and interpersonal skills along with behavioral therapy can help.

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