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Causes of Bronchial Spasm

What is Bronchial Spasm

Bronchial Spasm is an acute breathlessness condition felt by the patients due to sudden narrowing of the air passage muscle in the wall of bronchial. Bronchial spasm is generally observed in the people suffering from breathing problems. There are two types of Bronchial spasm conditions namely Acute and Paradoxical forms. Acute Bronchial Spasm occurs when there is sudden constriction in the muscle wall of lungs. Paradoxical Bronchial Spasm occurs when there is an adverse affect in the treatment of Bronchial Spasm.

Causes of Bronchial Spasm

1.Common causes of Bronchial Spasm are because of the allergens like dust, pollen, molds and pet hair. These allergens act as triggers and make the air passage
muscle to contract leaving the patient grappling for the breath.

2.COPD alternatively known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is known cause of Bronchial Spasms in regular smokers. However, irritants like general thick
smoke and smoke from charcoal grills when inhaled can trigger Bronchial Spasm even in non-smoking individuals especially those who are allergic prone to specific substances.

3.Environmental factor like air pollution can be a major cause for bronchial spasm. As the suspended particulate matter or SPM levels rise in the atmosphere,
allergens like dust and pollen levels also increase leading to Bronchial Spasms in the persons allergic to these substances.

4.Sudden changes in the weather can cause cold and flu which can result in aggregate Bronchial Spasm. Continuous exposure to cold weather or damp rooms is well
known to trigger Bronchial Spasms.

5.Sometimes hereditary genetic condition can lead to the development of bronchial asthma which can get aggravated due to exposure to certain environmental
conditions. While exact reasons for such hereditary genetic condition in a family are known, then bronchial asthma can be treated appropriately.

6.Continuous stress at work or such psychological stresses elsewhere generally cause acute panic attacks when ignored. These panic attacks can also lead to
Bronchial Spasm sometimes imitating a heart attack.

7.Other factors like hyper tension and viral infections can cause bronchial spasm in an individual. Especially, pulmonary hyper tension and intrapulmonary shunt
restrict air passage leading bronchial spasms.

8.Secretion of serotonin is also known to cause Bronchial Spasm known as serotonin induced branchospasm.

9.Among all the causes, asthma is generally considered to be the major cause of Bronchial Spasm. An asthma attack generally leaves the patient weak and leads to
temporary respiratory congestion. In such condition, the patient can experience Bronchial Spasm which mimics the asthma attack.

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