Doctors distinguish three types of hearing loss depending upon what part of the auditory system is damaged. They are conductive hearing loss, sensor neural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Different degrees of severity in hearing loss are noticed. They are {1} Normal {2} mild loss {3} moderate {4} severe and {5} profound loss of hearing. Hearing loss affecting high frequency is called high frequency hearing loss. In this case hearing is good at low frequencies but poor in high frequencies. Frequency can be measured in cycles per second or Hertz {Hz}. In high frequency the pitch of the sound is high and if one hears properly we can distinguish sounds in the range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequencies. Often high frequency hearing loss comes first making people unable to hear the high pitched voices of woman and children.

Loss of high frequency hearing causes distortion in sound and makes speech difficult to comprehend though it is heard. It makes people unable to hear consonants like s,f,t, etc. If one does not hear properly in a crowd, it is a sign of high frequency hearing loss.

Hearing Aids for Help

Many people with high frequency hearing loss cannot hear sounds. They can use hearing aid which will process and deliver high frequency speech sounds to lower frequencies. These methods have a wide use and date back to thirty years when people tried to change high frequency sounds to surrogate lower frequencies.

High frequency hearing loss, caused by a chronic exposure to very high decibels of sound, is a sensor neural deficit. Sounds of fire arms and sirens causing as you metric loss are also included in these causes one third of a cohort of college students in the USA is said to be accounted for by high frequency hearing loss.

Lack of hearing in a crowd is a definite signal of high frequency hearing loss. Such a person can hear well in a one to one situation and also in small groups. In the distracting noises of the crowd he hears the louder noises while missing out on the speech.

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