Understand a sore throat

Cold, coughs, runny and stuffy noses and sore throat seem simple, but are some of the most annoying and bothersome conditions that affects many of us quite often when we are exposed to extremes of climate and weather. Sore throat is one of the most detested condition when one feels hungry and feels like having something very hot to feed that cold, but it becomes very difficult for you to swallow anything without experiencing pain and discomfort in the throat.

It is customary to note that sore throat is not present all alone but brings with it many other maladies like cold, cough and stuffy nose that would make you lose your appetite for food and then lead to weakness and a feeling of ill health. It is quite common for most of you to just pop in a tablet, antibiotic or some lozenge, however natural ways to remedy the sore throat work better than medications and have the least side effects.

Pick up a suitable natural remedy for sore throat

You would best benefit from taking hot liquids that not only facilitate better breathing, but also soothe the throat and make you feel comfortable. In addition it would be best to even take soups in mugs rather than bowls as they remain hot for a longer period of time and allow the steam to get to your face. Proving beneficial hot tea with lemon or honey, broth and soup have always been the best choice for those with sore throat and are appetizing too.
Talking of hot liquids, one of the best is taking the chicken soup, that is not only welcome as a hot liquid, but also proves soothing and decongesting. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties helps, with homemade soups being not just tasty but nutritious also. For those that are pure vegetarians soups of pepper, ginger and garlic also prove beneficial.

All of us love spices especially on cold winter days, so would you not love spicy foods to be taken as a natural remedy for sore throat? Spicy foods have helped not just clear out your sinuses, but also prove heavenly when really hot. Use spices liberally in the cuisine of your choice be it Thai, Ethiopian, or hot Szechuan. Chili peppers help clear your head, but may not suit some after initially proving beneficial, then it is time you switched on to some other remedy.

Talking about spices makes one suggest a natural remedy for sore throat that combines clove, ginger and cinnamon. A combination of 1/4th teaspoon clove powdered and combined with 1 teaspoon of grated ginger and 1/8th teaspoon of cinnamon. Then they should be put in 2 cups of boiled water and then covered for about 5 minutes. Drinking the strained liquid combined with some honey for sweetening helps. The clove with its slight analgesic effect soothes and proves as an antiseptic to the throat, with the ginger and cinnamon being soothing and proving anti-inflammatory on the throat and upset stomach.

Herbs like catnip, horehound and thyme also help as natural remedies for sore throat. Take catnip flowers and leaves and dry them thoroughly. Now crush these leaves and add to the tea and drink strained with honey. Catnip clears the chest by loosening the phlegm and is highly sedating and relaxing. Horehound leaves can similarly be dried and used in tea and drunk with honey just like catnip. Curing minor respiratory problems and cough, horehound continues to be a good folk remedy. The next herb thyme is not just antiseptic, but if used in a gargle or added to soup helps to quiet coughs and soothe sore throats. Drinking a tea with its infusion with honey works the same magic as other herbs do.

Lastly steam helps as a natural remedy for sore throat by opening up sinuses with the warm and moist air proving to be soothing to sore throats. Having a hot water shower in a bathroom with closed windows and doors would help feel the real relief that steam can give to sore throat.