Health Tips for Seniors

Some Simple Tips to Measure Your Health

A persons health can be measured from his/her appearance, but there are are other ways of finding out. One such method is by measuring a persons weight. Doctors use “Body Mass Index – BMI” to find out how healthy a person is. BMI relates a persons size to his weight, and concludes a BMI of 18 to 25 is healthy. This measure is not totally dependable as a muscular person can have a BMI of over 25.

BMI is not dependable for people less than 16 as the potential for growth is high in such cases. In such cases a measure using the relation between height and weight becomes irrelevant. However the shape of a person can be a better indicator of good health. People with flat body shape can be said to be of better health. People who are obese can be associated with heart attacks, high Blood pressure or Cholesterol. Therefore one has to be watchful of the waist line.

Another health indicator would be the Skin. Tanning or exposing the skin to too much of sun may result in Skin Cancer. If you have odd-shaped moles then get the advice of a Dermatologist. Gums that bleed while brushing indicate bad health. This may be due to vitamin deficiency. Ill-health of gum may indicate Cardio-vascular problem or Gingivitis. If you spit and blood oozes then it indicates your bad state of health. Good and nutritional intake will help arrest this problem.

Gum problem may also indicate heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Also women giving pre-mature births may have more severe gum problems than other women. People with gum problem are prone to heart diseases at twice the rate, and to stroke three times than the people without the gum problem.

Dry lips can also be an indicator of health. It is due to dehydration, which may lead to head ache and fatigue. Finger nails, if yellowish, crumbling, or with white spots then your nails are not healthy. Unhealthy nails can indicate infection or abnormal levels of oxygen in the blood or kidney disease or thyroid disease. Therefore we can conclude we do not require six pack abs. Simple signs are available to tell our health condition.

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