An overactive bladder refers to a condition in which an individual loses control over his bladder movement. An overactive bladder can be a cause of immense difficulty as well as embarrassment as it leads to situation where a person is forced to relieve himself urgently irrespective of the time or place. In severe cases, it can cause spilling or even leakage.

WHO has detected about 200 million people suffering from an overactive bladder worldwide. It is a very distressful condition as it becomes very cumbersome for the patient to plan his daily activities and regular routine due to the urge to release pressure all the time. Albeit the acerbity of this disorder, it is possible to get rid of an overactive bladder through medication, bladder control training as well as natural cures. Medicines in such cases may often result in some side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to resort to some effective natural cures which are reckoned as safe and are devoid of adverse after effects too.

Natural cures for Overactive Bladder – Some effective measures

(a) Nutritional supplements can be given to control an overactive bladder

(b) A natural way to cure this problem lies in following floor muscle exercises religiously, more popularly termed as kegel exercises. The kegel exercise consists of stopping the flow of urine, holding back for some time and then releasing the pressure. Leakage can be prevented by frequent practice sessions

(c) Sometimes natural cures for overactive bladder are given in the form of pills made by the mixture of soya bean and pumpkin seeds. This natural cure traces back its history to 16 century and is still very effective in curing the problem

(d) Herbs are also helpful to prevent leakage from bladder. Astragalus and bearberry help to repress leakage as well as fight bladder infections

(e) You should avoid certain fruits and drinks such as citrus fruits, coffee and tea. However, increased intake of water, grape and apple juice can be of great help in controlling an overactive bladder

(f) Abstain from spicy foods and chocolates to obtain quick recovery from this problem

(g) Shedding extra body weight is also considered a natural cure for an overactive bladder. If body weight is kept under control, it becomes possible to hold back muscles which release the pressure of urine

Although an overactive bladder is indeed an embarrassing problem faced by many people, it can be effectively dealt with regular exercise and natural cures. Allopathic treatment may result in some side effects and thus natural cures make a preferred choice.