All people enjoy loud music, attend converts but teenager are in majority so far as hearing loss is concerned. Blaring music is not the only culprit in hearing loss. Various kinds of noises induce hearing loss but many are not of this reason for loss of hearing. As such these horrible loud noises are treated casually and not given the importance they deserve. Hence they do not get the protection they require to be free from hearing loss.

Non Realization

Noise induced hearing loss can be caused various and different ways. Playing the television too local, noise from automobiles trains, jet engines of aeroplanes are a few causes for impairment of hearing. Though most of the people are not directly affected what about the train conductor, the rider on the motor like in traffic daily or the person on the tarmac directing the 747 to direct the pilot to taxi to his gate? These are the people highly susceptible for noise induced hearing loss because of the nature of their jobs. Noise pollution on a daily basis can easily damage their hearing slowly but surely by the time they grow old. Hearing aids which they can use are costly and are not preferred because they are reminder of growing age.

The Young Damage Their Ears

It is not just the young who suffer noise induced hearing loss. An entire nation of younger generation are taking a high risk daily by riding on bikes, scooters, ears etc and increasing the volume of stereos beyond reasonable limits often with the windows lift up. They do not mind what they are doing because it is cool . The very same young people grow into middle age and elderly status when invariably they may feel the need for hearing aids because of noise included hearing loss. A few ways of protecting against noise induced hearing loss are lowering the volume of the ear stereo system and wearing ear plugs when attending concerts.

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