Health Tips for Seniors

How To Distinguish And Identify The Real And True Anti Aging Therapy

Many popular treatments techniques like ointments, lotions, vitamins and minerals, hormones and injections are available for people to look and feel younger. While some of these really benefit a few others are useless and nor worth the money you spend. Every one should understand what a true anti aging therapy is.

Every person has a genetic predisposition and accordingly he grows in to age. A few who have familiar genes turn grey or white in their thirties. While some other genes in a few give them wrinkles when they are about fifty years.

Some aging is sure to take place regardless of your taking anti aging therapy. This should make him feel happy. While aging is a normal, routine aspect of life, we can at least age gracefully.

Good Nutrition

A significant aspect of anti aging therapy is to take nutritious food through diet and supplements. Vitamins and minerals in our diet make our hair vibrant and bouncy and skin healthy.

Thus a person with color in cheeks and shine n hair looks younger automatically. An in take of a very good balanced food with all food groups and sub groups does not require any other nutritional supplement. But this is rather difficult for the person to do.

Standard doses of basic vitamins and minerals will remove any deficiency in the area. The body has a few vitamins stored in it and so you need not take these one again. These vitamins are the fat soluble vitamins-vitamins A, D, E and K. While being extremely important these should be taken only in recommended doses.

Good Skin Care

Anti aging therapy requires good skin therapy from very early stages. Over exposure to sun should be avoided by those who want to care for their skin. Sunlight is very important for the body but over tanning and burning of the skin produces brown sports and wrinkles as age advances.Moisturize the skin with a good lotion to make it elastic and supple.

Avoid abrasive soaps. Oiled soap and water is the best cleanser for our skin. This will not allow the skin to become dry or get damaged. Skin should be kept well hydrated for youthful appearance.These are the true anti aging therapies for the skin and hair making the person look younger for life.

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