How Does the Thyroid Metabolism Affect You in Your Weight Gain or Loss

Wherever there is weight loss or gain, it is metabolism that is first affected since it converts food in to energy for body activities. Thyroid gland is placed exactly above the Adams apple in the throat producing hormones directly in charge of the proper working of our bodys metabolism.

The Direct connection

Malfunction of the thyroid gland creates problems with metabolism. This in turn affects your gain in weight and loss. There is a direct link between thyroid and metabolism. Weight gain through thyroid cannot be easily discarded as increasing your metabolism rate.

Treatment for Thyroid Metabolism problems

A qualified doctor alone must treat thyroid metabolism problem. The hormones have to be regulated to deal with the rate of metabolism and finally control weight gain or loss. The two main thyroid disorders are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. It is unlucky that both these diseases directly affect ones weight gain or loss.

Specific thyroid therapy involves a considerable amount of time and is totally unconnected with the amount of food intake or how much you exercise. It just depends on the regulation of the hormones released by the thyroid gland to boost and regulate your metabolism to its normal, natural levels.

Helpful tips

Understand your own body and feel when it does not respond to ordinary things like weight loss with exercise or activity and controlled balanced diet. Diagnosing the thyroid metabolism problem well in advance may help you to avoid extra weight gain or loss.

In spite of any of the diets and exercises, if your weight gain is sudden, consult a doctor to know if the weight problem is not directly due to a thyroid metabolism problem. Weight gain by thyroid metabolism problem can frustrate you since nothing can be done to stop weight gain, except to continue the treatment fully and without a break. The only help can be through balanced diet, exercise, and the helping hand of family and friends.