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Healing Yeast Infection Naturally and Safely

Yeast infection is normally caused by a group of fungi candida albicans that lives in human body. This yeast infection mostly occurs in women and causes infections at the areas of under breast, lower abdomen, nail beds, skin folds, around dentures and vagina.

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It also occurs in men at rare cases at genital areas. Also commonly used creams, capsules, tablets, suppositories and many other remedies does not cure this yeast infection completely. These alternatives cure only the symptoms temporarily and after few days, the fungal growth will happen again and infection will continue. Hence in order to cure this yeast infection completely and to stop the fungal growth permanently, effective natural methods have to be followed. Few among those natural methods are listed below:

Plain Yoghurt Usage

The bacteria present in the yoghurt fights with yeast and this yoghurt can be used both externally and internally. But only unsweetened yoghurt should be used. Also as a topical treatment, a tampon can be dipped in yoghurt and then inserted into the vagina or even simply rubbed on outside. Leaving it for some time cures this infection but leaving it for a prolonged time will lead to reverse effect. Yoghurt acts as good source of probiotics which heals a yeast infection naturally.

Garlic Usage

This is a great enemy for yeast and one of the effective agents to heal a yeast infection naturally. Garlic can also be used in two ways. One is by eating it directly and also eating garlic tabs such as Shaklee garlic tabs and Kyolic tabs. Next method is applying the garlic paste into the affected area. Also inserting garlic clove or garlic tab (preferably Shaklees garlic tab) into the vagina for few hours gives soothing relief.

Bath Using Apple Cider Vinegar

This apple cider vinegar has an acid content that gets rid of the fungal growth and also heals the affected area. Since it contains high percentage of acid content, this apple cider vinegar should mixed with water. Thus by dropping a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the bath tub and taking a nice bath by flowing water across the affected regions will help to heal yeast infection naturally. The vinegar will work quickly and effectively to remove the yeast. The person suffering from yeast infection can feel a soothing and relaxing effect after taking bath using apple cider vinegar.

Oregano Oil Consumption

This oil is an herb which acts like garlic and anti fungal relief. It has more medical properties and hence it can be taken internally daily. It should be noted while choosing the oil type; the oil type must have more carvacrol content which is an active ingredient. Consuming Oreganol Super Strength P73 is recommended.

Grape Seed Extract (GSE) for washing clothes

This is also a natural anti bacterial. It can be used as a cleanser for washing clothes to remove the bacteria present in fabrics.

While suffering from yeast infection, using thefollowing has to be avoided: taking birth control pills, antibiotics, douching, deodorants, non cotton underwear and yeast feeding foods.

At Last!!! Yeast Infections Can Be Eliminated
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