Month June 2011

Things to Remember Before Going For a Congenital Heart Disease

Do you know.. for some men and women, their heart disease can start off when they are children. They might have a congenital heart defect and it can go unidentified until they get older. There are various symptoms of a… Continue Reading →

The Main Reason Behind Heart Disease is High Cholesterol

Heart disease often begins in a persons initial decisive years according to doctors. Heart disease can develop due to high cholesterol that blocks the arteries and blood vessels. The most appropriate time to treat any form of heart disease is… Continue Reading →

Signs and Symptoms in a Congenital Heart Disease Diagnosis

Approximately eight in every one thousand children experience congenital heart disease. A few of the babies who are diagnosed with congenital heart disease are prone to have some serious issues that surgery becomes a necessity in their lives at some… Continue Reading →

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