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Things to Remember Before Going For a Congenital Heart Disease

Do you know.. for some men and women, their heart disease can start off when they are children. They might have a congenital heart defect and it can go unidentified until they get older. There are various symptoms of a congenital heart disease. Among these several symptoms, there are some that are visible and a few that are not visible. One of the many symptoms is shortness of breath while doing some activity.

In other words, shortness of breath occurs as a result of an activity that is not normal to that level of activity. The other symptom is the presence of a bluish tint on the skin, lips, as well as fingernails. This indicates deoxygenated blood. This means that the heart is not pumping oxygen into the blood in the way it should that could be an indication of congenital heart disease. The other symptoms include fatigue, poor blood circulation, as well as lightheadedness after rising from a seated position.

The Tests And Preparations That Have to be Done

Several tests can be done to check if congenital heart disease surgery is needed for an individual. ECHO tests can be performed on a child from when he/she is in the mothers womb and through all the stages of his/her life. Theses tests give a clear view of the hearts chambers to indicate if congenital heart disease surgery is necessary.

The other test that could help in the diagnosis is electrocardiogram monitoring that basically checks the heart rate during the day. The other test that is available is the tilted table test. This measures the blood pressure and heart rate of a person during the tilt of the table from horizontal to vertical.

When it is diagnosed that the child has to undergo congenital heart disease surgery, the parents can take many simple steps to ensure that their child takes it easy and make it less stressful for the child. The idea of a hospital is very scary for the child. This persists until they are taught what certain sights and sounds meant, as well as a few procedures of surgery.

Several hospitals provide preoperative classes for the children where they explain what they can expect and permit them to ask questions to the person conducting the class. The other general way of preparing a child for congenital heart disease surgery is to take the child around the hospital and let him/her play with several hospital supplies like the surgical caps.

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