Month July 2008

Yoga Stretching, a Lifestyle Change with Immense Benefits

You might have seen many students taking up learning martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do or Karate right from their school days itself. Though it is always better to see younger people taking up such avocation for keeping their… Continue Reading →

How To Sport A Youthful Look With Anti Aging Creams And Serums

There is none in the world who does not want to enjoy the fountain of youth and have a wrinkle free skin. This stupendous demand has created a wonderful market for creams and serums which are used as

How to Make Your Dentition Last Your Full Lifetime?

The more we grow old the more we have to mind our health because all our bad habits, poor diet, and vitamin deficiency etc. will have a cumulative and disastrous effect on us. Yellowing or stained teeth from prolonged drinking… Continue Reading →

Examining the upper extremities

The Upper Extremities Examination of the Upper Extremities Examination of the shoulders, arms, forearms and hands requires that the upper extremities and chest be unclothed, and that an adequate, stationary mirror and light be used. 1. Examine the movements of… Continue Reading →

HereŠs Your Guide On The Miracle Anti Aging Supplements

The baby boom generation (generation born after the economic success after the world war II) is the cause for the doubling of the population of senior citizens. Anti aging methods or supplements are a

Know the External and Internal Factors Influencing Sensor Hearing Loss

Sense of hearing is one of the most important gifts given by god to human beings. We have no sharp eyes like the eagle or the acute sense of smell provided to dogs. All of us prefer to live with… Continue Reading →

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