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Diseases of the Male Genital Region

The male genitals are beset with a definite group of difficulties. Some of them are common in both young and old, but most of these troubles occur after the age of fifty. They may arise from infection, the physical state of the genital organs, malignant and non-malignant growth, erection difficulties and urinary problems due to prostatic disease.
Infection of the Penis. Infection at the end of the penis often occurs because the fore-skin cannot be retracted to expose the head of the penis for cleaning. This contracted and narrowed fore-skin, called phimosis, keeps the head of the penis wet, contaminated, and an ideal breeding ground for infection.

Infection of the penile skin may be due to scratching from fungus, louse, or bacterial infection. The dark, moist skin of the penis and groin invite not only infections common to skin all over the body, but also the fungus infections which seek damp, dark skin areas in which to breed.

Fig. 105. A penile sore usually brings up the question of venereal disease. However, the penis may be afflicted with skin diseases found anywhere on the body. It is only logical to wash hands before, as well as after, touching this organ.

A widely known infection inside the penis is gonorrhea, often called by other names. This infection can be acquired at almost any age, but usually from just one source-sexual relations with an infected person. The disease produces copious amounts of pus draining out of the urethra, starting about a day after sexual intercourse. The pussy discharge and accompanying burning urination last about one week, but will respond rapidly to the physician’s administration of the proper antibiotic.

Chancre of Syphilis. Syphilis, the venereal disease, down through the ages has been heralded by the chancre, a shallow, ulcerated, painless sore on the penis, which lasts two to three weeks. It develops about two weeks after sexual intercourse with an infected person, as a small pimple or boil, which soon breaks down into the shallow painless ulcer. Syphilis is then a systemic disease, with the causative spirochete circulating in the blood, in the salivary secretion, and in other parts of the body, and a blood test will show a positive serology to establish the definite diagnosis of syphilis.

Drugs now available are extremely effective in the treatment and cure of this disease, when properly administered by a physician, but repeated checks are desirable to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

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Find out How a Women’s Health Club can Help in Your Life

The life of women is not easy and it is full of various surprises at every level of their life. As a woman, you will be facing or confronting with various discomforts in your life. For example, as a teenager your monthly menstrual cycle will bog you down and as a grown up woman your pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, etc., will create a very great trauma in you.

There is no escape for you from all these effects and a yet another distressing news could be that you would also get some side effects out of these conditions. But, you need not lose hope as there are ways and means to tackle many discomforts such as menopause, hormonal imbalance, etc., in a more meaningful manner and you can still lead a happy life without allowing the discomforts affecting you.

Cheerful News and Bad News

The happy news is that though the various happenings in a woman’s life is unavoidable, you can make your life worth living by learning techniques as to how to handle such situations. The bad news could be that the situation will not change on its own and you need to put in your extra efforts to make things happen the way you want them. The first step towards achieving the goal is to get yourself joined in a women’s health club where you will be guided and helped to tackle all your problems efficiently.

Range of Services You Get from a Women’s Health Club

The various services that a women’s health club can offer will be very comprehensive in nature and as a woman, you will be able to get all the assistance for your specific and other gender specific ailments or conditions. The staff of a women’s health club will be conversant with all the needs of women and they are also very educated and specialists in handling cases that are widely varied in nature.

Besides the gender specific treatments and advocacy assistance, women’s health clubs are also fully equipped to handle many of the general problems prevalent in society such as marital issues, financial problems, stress, over weight or obesity, and even weight loss. Counselors attached to the women’s health club are in fact specialists who can understand your specific problem and help you out of the problem within a least possible time.

In any woman’s life, hormonal imbalance plays havoc and if the imbalance is coupled with pregnancy or menopause, then the agony experienced by the women can never be explained. The help extended by any women’s health club, especially in the above said scenario is very remarkable and you can easily tide over your difficult period with the assistance of someone from one of these women’s health clubs.

Useful Tips

Women’s health clubs are not only meant for getting health related assistance, but it can also be used for meeting other women of the society and exchange ideas and enhance your level of awareness. Joining a women’s health club is sure to make you glad and you can get back all your lost happiness in your life once again.

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