Month February 2007

Diseases of the Male Genital Region

The male genitals are beset with a definite group of difficulties. Some of them are common in both young and old, but most of these troubles occur after the age of fifty. They may arise from infection, the physical state… Continue Reading →

Find out How a Women’s Health Club can Help in Your Life

The life of women is not easy and it is full of various surprises at every level of their life. As a woman, you will be facing or confronting with various discomforts in your life. For example, as a teenager… Continue Reading →

Examining the Male Genital Region

The Genital region The genitals of both sexes are of great interest in later years. What can be expected as normal sexual activity after fifty seems almost a hidden question and an understanding of male and female physical problems is… Continue Reading →

Testing of Urine to identify the diseases

Brown urine which turns black on standing contains the body pigment melanin and may mean a tumor growth in the body. Clear urine which turns black on standing or after drying on cloth might indicate the rare disease ochronosis, which… Continue Reading →

Few Survival Techniques for Better Women’s Mental Health

The physiology of women is very delicate and all women face lot of hardships or discomforts during their entire life period in the form of menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, etc. By nature women are not very strong in their… Continue Reading →

Urine – The index of body’s health

The Urine Through the ages, the urine has always been held in high esteem as an index of the body’s state of health. Its variations, amount, color, odor and clarity have meant many things to many men, but usually the… Continue Reading →

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