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Can Music Improve Women’s Health and Wellness

Any human being, irrespective of gender, is certain to get influenced by mood changes and the reasons could be anything from hormonal imbalance or home/office atmosphere, etc.

However, the mood swings seen or experienced by women are mainly due to hormonal changes and the situation sometimes makes women hapless victims.

A recent study that used music therapy for improving the women’s health and wellness revealed that music could play a very vital role in improving the overall health in women.

Classical Music and its Effects on Women’s Health and Wellness

You could have noticed that classical music is played in some popular restaurants and high-end departmental stores, but never bothered to look into the reasons for such specific type of music.

The reason for such selection of classical music is due to the soothing effects that it can instill in the minds of listener and it is true that classical music can promote relaxation


What Are the Causes of Infant Frequent Urination

It may seem very depressing and tiring for a new mother to bear up with frequent urination in infants and having to change multiple diapers. An infant frequent urination could be a sign of abnormality in the infants urine like bacteria, blood or sugar with some also urinating more frequently simply because of intake of a lot of fluids or undergoing stress and anxiety. However it is not advisable to neglect frequent urination that could be due to more serious causes and see a pediatrician immediately to carry on an analysis of the urine and suggest suitable action of treatment if any. It is a well realized fact that professionals can easily diagnose the cause of an infant frequent urinating and take prompt preventive steps to avoid permanent damage to the kidneys due to extreme infective conditions of the urinary tract.

Some causes of an infant frequent urination

One of the serious and most embarrassing causes for frequent urination is infection in the urinary tract


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