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How to Remove Kidney Stone Naturally & Safely

Kidneys help purify blood and discharge impurities through urine. Kidney stones are formed when urine is concentrated leading to crystallization and the minerals in urine to fuse together. Kidney stones are formed over time as they gradually grow in size and obstruct the ureter. Most kidney stones are small and are usually passed through the urine stream. However those that grow to a significant size which is usually more than 4 millimeters, can cause a lot of pain. These stones can form in any part of the urinary system from the bladder to kidney. Case studies show that men seem to be more susceptible to kidney stones. Let’s learn more about these stones of pain.

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Kidney stones are nothing


Coping With Insomnia In Toddlers

Understanding all about insomnia in toddlers

Insomnia or sleep disturbances in children presents itself as a difficulty in falling sleep, staying awake at night or waking up earlier without adequate quality sleep. Insomnia in toddlers could be a great cause of discomfort not only for toddlers, but their parents also as he/she may cry all night with parents having to tell one stories by holding them all night.

It is significant to note that even toddlers may turn very irritable, lethargic, hyperactive, depressed or even turn aggressive due to lack of quality sleep. It is significant to note that toddlers may also experience mood swings, and decreased memory and attention span, with parents also suffering from the ill-effects of turning desperate, temperamental, forgetful and argumentative.

Complaints of insomnia that are generally associated with impairment in daytime functioning and a feeling of non-restorative sleep, could be short-term insomnia that could


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