Not hearing faint or loud sounds is otherwise called as hearing loss. Inability to comprehend what is spoken also comes under hearing loss. In other words it is called central hearing loss. Central hearing loss can best be understood by pinpointing what part of the brain is affected and what causes this kind of hearing impairment. Problem within the central nervous system in the brains is the root cause of central hearing loss. It is the central nervous system comprising the brain and spinal chord that controls all our vital activities like breathing and walking. Any damage to that part of the central nervous system controlling the auditory senses results in central hearing loss. In spite of hearing sounds, words and noises, one who suffers from central hearing loss cannot properly interpret or understand them.

The Affects

Central hearing loss is likely to be misinterpreted as a learning disorder or a type of actual hearing loss which it is not. This wrong idea is called Central auditory processing disorder where one thinks that he cannot hear whereas he hears actually. It is only how you interpret it that causes the confusion. One who suffers from their sub disorder is unable to extract distractions in trying to concentrate. They may mix, confuse or misinterpret words or sounds.

How to Treat Central Hearing Loss

There is no known panacea for setting right central hearing loss. This, as well as central auditory processing disorder can well be kept under control by creating an understanding ambience of people and environment. The person should be allowed to focus on what others are doing. Children with this disorder have improved from their failing grades to passing by keeping them in a quiet environment as they do their home work or study. A proper diagnosis of this disorder will automatically lead to proper ways of dealing with it. Though researches do not know in full the causes of the disorder they know sufficiently how to diagnose the adult or child and assist them to fully understand and communicate in their life.

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