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Why it is Important to Revive Usage of Herbs for Better Benefits

Herbal remedies can be called as old wine in a new bottle . People in older days backed on herbal remedies only as there were no pharmaceutical remedies. But of late the value and beneficial aspects of herbal remedies are totally forgotten as the pharmaceutical remedies have largely taken their place. But the pity is that the so called modern palliatives aggravate the disorders instead of controlling them, or help in relaxation.

Hoodia as an example

Twenty years back a few appetite suppressants were available over the country that effectively suppressed appetite and helped in reducing the excessive weight. As these suppressants were prone to cause stroke they were taken away from the market. In its placer a herbal remedy called Hoodia {a derivative of a cactus plant} has entered the market. This is a natural and safe remedy for overeating and suppression of appetite. There is no doubt that this is the safest remedy of all the available medications and beneficial to people.

First concern is safety

We cannot say decisively that all herbal remedies are safe and not dangerous. Exceptions there are in some cases. Mau Huang, the herbal form of ephedrine proved to be a severely dangerous product. Mostly several herbal products are totally safe and offer alternate remedies to the modern medications. Herbs provide safer and healthier benefits as a means to healthier life. People opt for herbal supplements to improve their health in one way or the other. Weight loss, relaxation, better sleeping patterns etc. One should not take anything that undermines his health. A herb should always improve one s health, not bring it down. The more natural the herbal product, the greater the health benefit

Herbal products are the rage again at present and will continue for many years to come, barring a relaxation of OTC drugs. This may not happen and herbal products will rule the roost for along time in future.

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