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What is Chemotherapy and How Does It Help To Treat Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy, one of the foremost treatments for breast cancer, uses strong drugs to destroy cancer cells in our body. It is a systematic treatment as it affects the total body system. Usually given after the surgery, it annihilates any cancer cells left in the body or have moved into the parts of the body. It can be applied before the surgery to diminish the size of the tumors.Chemotherapy is very efficacious because it attacks cancer cells which are in disarray and divide themselves and are unstable. They dont have the fuel to repair themselves. Before planning for chemotherapy the doctor examines the qualities of the type of cancer the size of the tumor and if it has spread to other parts of the body or not from the original area.

In chemotherapy different drugs are combines according to the individual situation, as different drugs will react with cancer in different ways. The aim of this therapy is to give the most effective treatment at the beginning stage. Either it can be administered intravenously or through pills. It is an out patient facility ranging between four to eight times from three to six months.

The side effects of this powerful treatment have been reduced considerably but one cannot avoid certain reactions like hair loss, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sores in the mouth, diarrhea, aching muscles and joints, menopausal symptoms, and hazy memory. The nurses and care givers will give ideas to deal with the problems. They will be anxious that you understand what is happening in your system.The problem starts from the fact that certain parts of our body have healthy and quickly dividing cells. This is our natural immune system. Chemotherapy acts on these cells and hence the side effects on the mouth, hair, nails, vagina and intestines. After chemotherapy is completed they become normal.In some exceptional case chemotherapy causes infertility. Have an open and frank discussion with your oncologist for an over all treatment plan. There is much progress in chemotherapy to make it as comfortable as possible for the cancer patient.

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