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What Experts are Saying About Gastric Sleeve in Tustin

The results of a new study give weight loss surgery patients new hope for positive long-term results. Patients considering gastric sleeve in Tustin have new evidence that may place one type of bariatric weight loss surgery ahead of the others. A recent study shows the prospects for long-term success with gastric sleeve are not only better than with other surgeries but better than previously assumed.

One of the biggest complaints about various types of weight loss surgery is that keeping weight off once it’s gone hasn’t been so easy in the past. Indeed, some studies have found that anywhere from 20% to 40% of individuals who undergo weight loss surgery regain most or all of the weight they lose immediately after surgery within a couple years. This is disastrous for those depending on weight loss surgery to help them permanently change their lives.

However, a new long-term 6-year study of gastric sleeve patients found that results for this newer type of surgery are better than expected.

Researchers from Belgium followed 41 patients for a period of six years after their initial surgeries. While 11 of them had additional procedures (either gastric bypass or “re-sleeve”) 30 relied solely on their original sleeve gastrectomy. At the end of those six years, the majority of those individuals had managed to keep off the weight, resulting in an average net loss of 50% of their initial excess weight.

That’s a tremendous result and similar to what patients of gastric bypass in Tustin can expect to see.

However, the results weren’t entirely positive. The study found that between 3 and 6 years the majority of gastric sleeve patients did regain some of that lost weight. Additionally, some of the patients began suffering from gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) at the three year mark.

Even with these minimal adverse outcomes, gastric sleeve surgery has proven to be one of the most effective and reliable forms of bariatric weight loss surgery available.

If you’re considering undergoing gastric sleeve in Tustin, contact miVIP Surgery Centers to learn more about their high-tech da Vinci robot-assisted sleeve gastrectomy. This minimally invasive procedure involves tiny incisions (as small as 5 centimeters) and often has patients back on their feet much faster than traditional types of surgical procedures.

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