Health Tips for Seniors

Some Nutrition Tips for Elders

The type of healthy and wholesome diet recommended for elderly people is very different from that of a young individuals. The main factor that decides the amount of nutrition in a diet meant for the seniors is the body composition. As the body grows old, the body muscles, tissues and bones tend to weaken and the whole body functions slower than normal. This is the main reason why older people gain weight quickly.

The good health of a senior person is influenced by many external factors like environment, and health disorders. Here are a few good tips for all those aging and those who wish to stay healthy even after 70ies.

The water content in the body of an individual reduces as he or she ages. They either dont feel the urge to drink water or literally dont have the stamina to get themselves a glass of water. This is why it is a healthy practice to drink a minimum of one ounce of water for every 2.2 pounds of weight.

Protein is vital source that boosts the immunity system and that puts off the muscle wastage. This is why it is important to take protein rich diet even in 70ies. Eggs, lean meats, poultry, and fish are some of the protein rich sources that should be included in ones diet.

Carbs and fiber
Young or old, everyone needs adequate amount of carbohydrates to stay active and healthy. Carbohydrates is a good source of energy that provides stamina to ones body. Bread, cereals, pasta, and other grain products are some of the sources rich in carbohydrates. A fiber rich diet helps one avoid gastric and constipation problems.

Seniors should take adequate amount of fat content not more, not less. Lean meats,
low fat dairy products helps in curbing unnecessary fat. The correct recipe and the right preparation can make food rich in vitamins and minerals and have less of calories too.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common disorders in the older generation. Iron is a source of blood and thus the level of iron should always be maintained. Lean meat and breakfast cereals are a good source of iron that should be included in ones daily diet.

Zinc is another vital nutrient that supports the body in various ways. However, the common complaint in older people is the poor zinc absorbing power. So, one should have meat, poultry, and fish in their diet to get the minimum amount of zinc in their body.

Calcium is a nutrient required by people of all ages. Calcium supports our teeth and bones and the lack of calcium can be a great threat to ones life. Many believe that milk may upset their stomach and thus do not drink adequate amount of milk that is a rich source of calcium. Yogurt, low fat cheese, and broccoli are a good source of calcium and can be substituted for milk if one does not like to include milk in his/her diet.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps in its own way to support a human bodys working. The intrinsic
Factor produced in the stomach helps to absorb the B12 benefits. However, people in their old age suffer from B12 deficiency that is medically called the atrophic gastritis.

Each of the nutrients mentioned here should be had in sufficient amount depending on factors like age, gender, and occupation. Staying healthy in old age is not only a bliss to oneself but also to people around us as they may consider a sick, old person a burden in their lives. A good diet and proper care can help a 70 year old person as young as a 25 year old individual.

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