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Some Effective Natural Ways to Improve Thyroid Function

The thyroid glands, located right at the bases of the neck are considered extremely essential for maintaining overall normal body functions. They play a pivotal part in body temperature regulation, growth, protein synthesis and the ability of the body cells to absorb oxygen. Problems might arise due to overactive as well as underactive thyroid glands. Underactive thyroid glands can give rise to problems such as chronic fatigue, muscle cramps, sleeplessness, brittle nails, constipation, joint aches etc.

Natural Ways to Increase Thyroid Function – Helpful Remedies

Although under-activity of thyroid glands may seem like a herculean task to deal with at first, there are several remedies available which can help in its effective management. Thyroid malfunctions can be easily managed with the help of natural remedies and a balanced diet.

To begin with, you need to abstain from substances like polyunsaturated oils and certain chemical pollutants which are found in water. These are known to block the thyroid glands and disrupt normal functions. In addition, you could also consider switching to coconut oil as an effective cooking medium. The triglycerides present in coconut oil help in weight management and also improve thyroid function.

Unrefined and natural sea salt which is rich in iodine, is also a cogent remedy. Vegetable juices should also be included in your daily diet. Stay away from oily and fatty foods, refined flour, sweetened preparations etc. Caffeine is also considered bad for thyroid function.

Medicinal properties of certain herbal formulations are also known to improve thyroid functions remarkably. One of the most prominent one is Shilajeet or Asphaltum Puniabiunum, which is an herb of Indian origin. It is a highly effective medication for several ailments including thyroid malfunctions. Packed with the goodness of 85 minerals, Shilajeet is often termed as the wonder herb in Indian naturopathy.

Other effective herbs which can be used for treating thyroid related problems include licorice extracts, bladder wrack and purple mountain ebony. Whereas licorice helps in striking a balance between the energy built up and the thyroid glands, bladder wrack is an excellent source of iodine which helps in nourishing the thyroid glands.

Treating thyroid is all about developing a holistic perspective. You need to make useful lifestyle changes and stick to healthy eating habits. These positive maneuvers along with the inclusion of natural medicinal herbs are bound to impart a positive impact. However, medicinal treatments for low thyroid function are available as well. In case the problem seems to be growing by the day, you should be consulting an endocrinologist without delay, who can put you under effective medication therapy. The faster you start off with treatment, the better.

Result Oriented Herbal Remedy for Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems could emerge as serious health concerns, when not treated on time. These can be broadly classified into two types, namely, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Both can be effectively addressed with the help of comprehensive natural remedies, dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes. Naturopathy experts always stress the importance of practicing a holistic therapy for effective results. Herbal remedies for thyroid problems are of no use unless they are backed up with exercises and diets.

Herbal Remedy for Thyroid Problems – Effective Ones for Hyperthyroid

Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid glands tend to produce abnormally high levels of thyroxin hormone in the body. If it has been detected in early stages, bugleweed is one of the effective herbs to consider as treatment. It controls the function of thyroid glands, when consumed over a period of time.

Another effective herb which remarkably reduces the levels of thyroxin is lemon balm. Lemon balm works by blocking the antibodies which are responsible for stimulating the thyroid glands. Other effective herbs which are known to be beneficial in treating overactive thyroid glands are motherwort and prunella vulgaris. In addition, you can further strengthen your treatment options with the help of other commonplace herbs like basil, spearmint, rosemary and oregano.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid glands fail to produce enough of thyroxin hormones as per bodily requirements. There are some immensely popular herbal formulations which have been effectively used for thyroid stimulation over time. One of the most prominent ones is bladder wrack which is known to improve the health of the thyroid glands, promoting higher production of thyroxin.

Milk thistle is another such herb which is administered for improving thyroid function. More precisely, it is known to address the manifested symptoms of hypothyroidism. You might also consider green oats as an effective option for treating hypothyroidism. Sage and myrrh are also considered effective for treating thyroid disorders, specifically, inadequate functioning of the thyroid glands. Herbs of Indian origin, which are known to improve thyroid functions, include ashwagandha root and shilajeet.

Herbal Remedy for Thyroid Problems – Considerations

Although most of these herbal treatments are considered effective for long term treatment options, there are a few crucial facts to be adhered to. First, you need to administer them in the right form and as per correct dosages. Its best to seek advice from a qualified naturopath in this regard. In addition, you would also have to consider backing it up with food restrictions and regular practice of yoga, exercises and meditation, for a holistic impact.

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