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Headaches – Eye, Glaucoma, and Sinus

Eye headaches

Contrary to popular belief, improperly focusing eyes, in need of glasses for correct refraction, do not often cause headaches. It is true that headaches may result from some eye diseases, but the widespread belief that many recurring headaches are preveritable with glasses, is incorrect. In the absence of obvious eye disease, such as redness, soreness, infection or injury, only a few eye diseases such as glaucoma remain to cause headaches. However, because of these rare possibilities, a person with unexplained headaches should always have the benefit of an eye examination to settle any doubt.

Glaucoma headache

Glaucoma headache, beginning about the eyes and spreading into a general headache, is very serious and can be very painful. Glaucoma eye pain is caused by an increase in pressure in the eyeball itself and is serious, not because of pain, but because blindness may follow unless the condition is corrected. Glaucoma, rarely found under the age of thirty-five, increases greatly after the age of forty-five. It appears to be an inherited disease and occurs in families with several members possibly having this same trouble. The inherited factors, however, may be contained in our emotional make-up, because people who develop glaucoma also have easily excitable emotions, often a family trait.

As in so many other headaches, glaucoma and its head pain, often results from a disagreeable mental experience, such as frustration, fear, resentment, etc. In this headache, the pain is excruciating and the eye itself feels hard to the touch. Chronic or long-standing glaucoma presents a similar picture but the pain is not so severe. A dull aching is present over the eyes, and in susceptible people this leads to headache of variable degree.

Sinus headache

Sinus inflammation is often thought to be the cause of frequent recurring headaches, but this is only rarely correct. Less than one headache out of twenty can be traced to sinus difficulties.
Sinus headaches usually begin with a fast developing infection in one or more sinuses, such as might follow a sudden severe cold. They are usually accompanied by a clogged nose, and a localized soreness over the sinus involved. The pain of sinus difficulty grows suddenly much worse when the surrounding air pressure is lessened or increased greatly. Thus rapid ascent or descent in airplanes or tall building elevators, may bring about excruciating pain.
Application of heat to the face, and aspirin have long been the relief of sinus sufferers but correction of certain nose difficulties by a physician often ends the sinus difficulty permanently.

Removing Eye Floaters Naturally Without Surgery

You have probably encountered eye floaters sometime in your life. They seem to be small specks of dust of different shapes whether it’s white, black or grey in color. The reason why they are called eye floaters is because they seem to float over your eye.

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As kids we saw them when we laid on the grass and tried to look at the sun. It was fun back then because these eye floaters seem to try to escape when you look at them. Most eye floaters are harmless and tend to disappear over a period time. However if you have been noticing them quite often and they seem to get bigger or affect your vision, you need to do something about it before it gets worse.
What are eye floaters and how are they caused?

Eye floaters can be of various shapes and sizes and are usually white, grey or black in color. You will usually notice them soon after looking at something bright. Eye floaters are a common occurrence as people age. They are small specks of collagen which are formed when vitreous which is a gel like lubricant shrinks with old age and forms small fibers.
Eye floaters can also be caused by injury to your eye or an eye disease. Those suffering from diabetes can also encounter eye floaters as it has the same effect on vitreous. Most eye floaters will disappear with time and they won’t affect your vision.

When should eye floaters be a cause for concern?

Most eye floaters are harmless and won’t last for more than few minutes. However if they persist or cause temporary bouts of loss of vision you need to get your eyes checked. If you feel pain in your eye because of eye floaters it can be a cause for concern. The best approach would be to wait for it to go away on its own while at same time being proactive and trying remedies to get rid of them.

How to get rid of eye floaters without surgery?

It would be wise to first see your ophthalmologist to ensure you take no risks with your eye. If he thinks they are not serious or are not due to any damage to your eye you can follow few natural remedies.

(•) To begin with you must concentrate on your diet, eat healthy and include more green vegetables in your diet

(•) Drink organic juice especially fruits which contain antioxidants

(•) Garlic, carrots, beetroot and apple have proved to be effective against eye floaters

(•) Replace coffee, tea and alcohol with soy milk and herbed tea

(•) Stress also triggers eye floaters. Hence you must practice yoga and stress relieving techniques

(•) Press your palm against one eye and look into the distance with the other. Do this for 10 seconds and then alternate between each eye

(•) Look up and move your eye in circular position first in the clockwise and then the anticlockwise direction. This is one of the most effective ways to shift the fluid in your eye and move the eye floaters away from your vision.

Eye floaters are by no means life threatening however they could be a sign of a more serious underlying problem. Besides they can also be annoying. Following the natural remedies mentioned above will help you get rid of eye floaters for good.

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