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The causes of chest discomfort in women

When you find that you have chest pain, and you are regularly feeling a chest discomfort, it would be very prudent of you to get it checked out by a medical practitioner. Chest pain can be very serious, and it can be a precursor to a heart attack.

It is also a very life-threatening situation, and you could be dead if you do not take the necessary action against it. chest discomfort for woman also has a flip side, and it can mean that you do not have a heart attack, but something that is more common to people worldwide, and you were only suffering from such a tendency and situation. There are many causes from which you can get chest pain, and chest discomfort, and some of them are listed below for your viewing.

1.Acid reflux:- acid reflux is sometimes also called heartburn for a specific cause. When the acid reflux actually flows back into the oesophagus, it can cause a sensation of burning in your chest, which can be mistaken for chest discomfort in women. It is not necessary to panic in such a situation, as acid reflux is very much treatable, and you do not have to go to a doctor or either a medical practitioner in order to get yourself checked up. Acid reflux is something that can happen frequently to you if you have a lot of fat and spice in your daily intake of food, and it would be very wise for you to get rid of such habits from your diet.

2.Bruise:- when you have been moving heavy furniture, it is more likely than not that he would not have paid attention to the injuries that has cut to you during the movement of such heavy furniture. Chest pain can normally occur when you are careless about this thing, and after a moment of furniture has been undertaken, and you have finished up that job successfully, then you find that there is a burning sensation or a pain in your chest, which you cannot comprehend. Do not panic in such a situation, and try and remember that if the burning situation is actually located in a localised area, or it is spreading slowly into other areas. If the sensation is located in one area, it is more likely that you have a bruise and not chest pain from any heart disease.

3.Stress:- there are a lot of people who disregard this aspect of chest pain, and they always think that chest pain is mostly associated with heart attacks. That is entirely not the case, and you would have to understand that most of the chest pain that you have been experiencing, is the result of stress that you are feeling due to some work schedule, or due to conflicts in your home. If the problem persists, then get yourself checked out by a medical practitioner, and try and finding out the solution with his esteemed help.

Why do you get acne on your chest?

The reasons that you get acne on the chest are the same as the causes for acne in other parts of the body. It is well understood that the sebaceous glands beneath the skin surface that produces oil and the dead skin cells that are emitted are washed off during baths and washing of face and other parts of the body. However overproduction of oils block the natural skin pores and provide for favorable living conditions for the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that grows on the skin as acne and pimples.

It is to be understood that the prominent causes for acne on chest are hormonal imbalances, excessive sports, the excessive use of deodorant, body powders and lotions, and the summer season when one tends to perspire more and use these products.

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