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Safe Diets While Breastfeeding

Importance of diet while breastfeeding

Some of us may wonder what is so important about a diet while breastfeeding, as we are just like normal human beings. However it is to be understood that breast feeding means you are giving your baby all the nutrients for a good growth and development and have to take care to ensure this objective. It is not necessary to make major changes; however keeping in mind some important considerations would ensure that you and your child are healthy and energetic.

It is right to say that all nursing mothers need to take a well balanced diet to meet the nutrition needs of you and your child. It is found that a diet deficient in one food group and that is low in calories would make the child miss on these aspects. The quality and quantity of milk will be affected, and the inadequacy and quality of diet would affect the nutrients that you get from the diet. This would in turn make your body to draw on the reserves that would not only make you feel drained out and weak but also affect your strength to care for the intimate needs of the child.

So there is nothing wrong when you feel hungry quite often while breastfeeding, as this is vital to make sure that you produce and have enough of quality milk to feed your baby 24 hours a day. Specialists opine that it is best for lactating mothers to eat small meals at frequent intervals and have good healthy snacks that helps not only get over hunger pangs, but also helps to keep breastfeeding mothers feeling energetic and strong.

Most breastfeeding mothers require about 200 to 500 more calories than those that do not, so taking about 2000 to 2700 calories per day helps, with the exact amount depending on the amount of exercise you get, the way your metabolism works, and the extent to which you breastfeed.
A safe diet as you breastfeed

Variety is the keyword when it comes to safe and healthy foods in a breastfeeding mother. A healthy diet means a good and proportionate mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats at each meal. This proves vital to keep you feeling full and to be nourished with all nutrients. It is best to include complex carbohydrates that include whole grains and cereals with a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are preferred over processed sugar and starch as they provide you with long standing energy.

Fats form an important part of breast feeding mothers, but it is best to understand that you need to make a choice of good and healthy fats. The use of mono- and polyunsaturated fats that is found in oils like canola and olive oil and other fatty fish like salmon are good. You could also benefit while breastfeeding by eating avocado, olives, nuts, and seeds.  It is to be known that saturated and trans fats are to be avoided or taken in moderation by breast feeding mothers also. Most of these fats are found in high-fat meats, whole milk, tropical oils like palm kernel and coconut, butter, and lard.

It is best to check on food labels before purchasing foods. Unhealthy fats can alter the fat composition of your breast milk and can prove harmful by deterring the production of Omega-3s long chain polyunsaturated fats that are vital for good development and growth of the newborn.

It is again to be realized that unhealthy fats could affect the cardio-vascular system of the baby, causing an increase in bad cholesterol or LDL and lowering of good or HDL cholesterol. This could also increase the risk of not only inflammation, but also heart attack and its complications in the long run. Besides vitamins and multi vitamins you would require taking adequate calcium in the form of milk and other dairy products, canned fish, or calcium-fortified foods like cereals, juices, soy and rice beverages, and breads.

It is also vital for breastfeeding mothers to aim at losing the excess weight slowly but steadily. The weight loss after delivery depends solely on your body’s constitution, your food choices, your body metabolism and the level of activity and exercise. It is futile to aim at a rapid weight loss as it could reduce the level of your energy considerably, and also lead to release of toxins present in the body fat directly into the blood stream and the breast milk. This could harm the newborn child, so losing about 1.5 pounds a week is normal and healthy. This is best done with combining a moderate exercise schedule with a healthy diet.

Next, breast feeding mothers require about 16 cups of fluid, with this including the water we drink, fruits and vegetables and a various healthy beverages. The best rule is to drink water or some fluid whenever you feel thirsty or tired. Avoiding caffeine is highly advisable as caffeine cannot be easily broken up by the newborn once it goes into its system. Caffeine includes not only your morning coffee or tea but also soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, and coffee ice cream. Restricting caffeine to a maximum of about 300 ml daily would greatly help you and your child.

Lastly fish contains protein that is very healthy. Also some fishes like cold water fish contain DHA, EPA and Omega-3 fats that are passed to the baby from the breast milk; these nutrients play a vital role in the development of the eyes and brain during the baby’s first year of life. Fish also plays a role in lessening postpartum depression in mothers. However fishes like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish are best avoided due to their high mercury content.








Breast Reconstruction Surgery – Reclaim Your Life

At times plastic surgery becomes an entirely optional matter and personal reasons dictate the desire for it. In certain cases it becomes a social necessity and personal service in helping people reclaim their life and make them feel that they are whole again. It is a very ad thing for women with breast cancer to lose one or both the breasts that make their personality. Accidents, at other times, cause problems and scarring when the woman feels less of a woman. In such cases breast reconstruction surgery buoys her up and she feels that she is a woman again.

Similar to any other type of plastic surgery breast reconstruction surgery restores the breast to its original condition or almost to its original state. The lacuna here is that she will not be able to breast feed her children if they are born later. However the breast can look whole and new again. It is really surprising to see what an expert surgeon can do.

Discuss with your doctor if you are in need of breast reconstruction surgery. If you want to search on your own question before you start with any one. Personally examine examples of their work and ask any question that you think is relevant. As there is delicacy and your body is involved you should not feel comfortable with the person you opt for breast reconstruction surgery, only then you can feel at ease during the procedure.

You can have an idea of what and how of breast reconstruction surgery by looking online you can easily spot doctors and surgeons in your locality and specimens of their performance on the sites even in advance of walking into their clinics for consultation. This enables you to expect what you want from the doctor and what he can do for you to bolster your figure and personality. There, undoubtedly are purely personal decisions and should be started under total privacy.

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