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Personality problems in old age

Personality Problems

Personality in later life does not differ much from younger years. Happy young people grow into happy older people, but life’s heaviest punches seem to be reserved for later life. Diseases and deaths of friends and life mates are extremely unhappy moments, and they force great changes in our ways of life. In spite of these sobering events, the mature personality still reflects a fairly steady manner of living, almost the same at all ages. It is a source of wonderment that the brandishments of life do not effect more mental problems but generally, the human mind stands up remarkably well under the beating of life.

The self-displeased personality

Some people are actually displeased with themselves and must continuously try to prove to themselves that they are as good or better than others. If they cannot prove this to their satisfaction, extreme displeasure overtakes them. This group of people has several distinct characteristics. They are very self-conscious and keenly aware of their own shortcomings; they can never admit that they are wrong; they fear and avoid all honest competition; they must have more money, more power, and more fame than anyone else; they avoid all situations which may detract from them; they must always have the last word; they are difficult to satisfy, and are apt to be very selfish; and they are very difficult persons to live with.

Personality problems involving displeasure with self, are likely to be found in the little Napoleon, the severe inferiority complex with the exaggerated way of compensating. These unfortunate persons need the uplifting influence of charity and love in their lives. It is difficult for the extremely selfish or self-centered person to love himself or anyone else, until he learns concern and charity for others. Then he may forget himself and begin to love life itself.

Displeasure with others, causing personality difficulties

Some people seem anti-social. They do not enjoy the company of others, and actually seem hostile in their attitudes to other people. They are obviously anything but joiners and have several identifying characteristics: they feel continuously alone, and display little concern for anyone else; they have very few friends and they are possessed with the idea that others are against them; they trust very few people whom they can love or enjoy; they are inclined to impose upon others and show little respect, if any, for their fellowman.

The personality problem displeased with others around him, is likely to be found in thieves, racketeers and other enemies of society. These people need to experience a strong feeling of trust in others, and to be trusted in turn, as well. Their lot is indeed a hard one, for without sharing the problems of life with loved and trusted friends, it is indeed a lonely and bitter road.

Displeasure with the world as a cause of personality troubles

Some people are always down on their luck or are always getting the bad breaks. The world of reality is too cold and hard for them to endure, and they dream of an unreal future through their rose-colored glasses. Some characteristics of this group are: They deftly avoid and shirk any real responsibility; they shun hard work in favor of an angle; they waste any real talents that they may have in their search for the proverbial rainbow; they shun making decisions, and new ideas or change of any kind are avoided at all costs.

Personality problems involving the world at large are likely to be found in the ne’er-do-wells, the alcoholics, and people with very shallow personalities. The great need of these people is the satisfaction enjoyed from hard work well done. Without this, they can experience very little real satisfaction or enjoyment in life, and their readjustment is very difficult. Their need to excel in something is very great indeed.

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