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Natural treatments for low thyroid: Helpful Tips

Low thyroid function usually comes across as an unsuspected illness. Often, when sufferers of low thyroid go for a blood test, the diagnosis or even the existence of such a disease might not get detected. The accurate treatment for low thyroid depends on the existence of certain symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, weight gain, depression, facial swelling, headaches, brittle nails, dry skin, fluid retention, irregular menstrual cycles, constipation, fertility problems etc. While there are many people who wish to seek conventional medication, the good news is that any patient who is suffering from low thyroid can easily find natural treatments to it.

Some of these natural treatments for low thyroid are

It is crucial for low thyroid patients to follow certain dietary regulations stringently. Avoidance of intake of refined edibles, sugars, saturated fats, white flour products etc. is highly advisable to stabilise the thyroid function. If the patient is suffering from serious low thyroid problem, it is best to refrain from eating cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, peaches, mustard greens, pears etc. This is because they have anti-thyroid elements in them that might worsen the thyroid problem.

List of must-eat foods include food items that are rich in Vitamin A, like, carrots, eggs, dark green and yellow vegetables, nuts etc. Try to get M.U. Tene, which is concentrated Beta-Carotene, as a part of your diet as it is known to be a very potent antioxidant.

A balanced diet plays a key role in restoring over-all good health. Fifty percent of the diet should have food that is fresh and organically grown. This will help to establish a better metabolism. Science has proven that the enzymes from fresh food help the body to generate a steady metabolism. Edibles that help in healing include salads, thermos, raw vegetables, sprouts etc.

Include edibles that are rich in Iodine as they help to nourish the thyroid. These include dulse, kelp, arame, wakame, kombu etc. Furthermore, seaweeds also help a great deal in nourishing the thyroid glands.

Copper and zinc are quintessential for the body to make the thyroid hormone. Some of the foods that include zinc are oatmeal, beef, chicken, dried beans, seafood, tuna, bran, seeds, nuts and spinach. Foods that are rich in copper include eggs, organ meats nuts, yeast, legumes, raisins etc.
To put it concisely, you must consume a lot of vegetable juice along with water as it will purify your blood and help in maintaining a steady metabolism, which is elemental in reducing the problem of low thyroid.

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