Know what tonsils are and who gets tonsillitis

All of us have tonsils, with them being placed at the back of the throat both on the right and left sides. This ball like structures help fight body infection, and at times get infected at with virus or bacteria and become inflamed and swollen. Known as tonsillitis, they mostly respond well to antibiotics, but there could be other circumstances when they have to be surgically removed. Tonsillitis could affect both males and females and occurs mostly in children above the age of 2 years, with it being acute, recurrent or chronic.

Tonsillitis could be caused by herpes simplex virus like Epstein-Barr virus and Streptococcus pyogenes, adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, and the measles virus and bacteria like GABHS. Other causes could be repeated throat infections, constant dry, hawking cough, high pitch of voice, excess use of condiments, acrid, astringent, acrid and spicy foods accompanied with nasal congestions. Presenting symptoms like pain while swallowing, sensation of chill with fever, accompanied with headache, nasal congestion, severe sore throat, a patients health history could be an important indicator regarding its type; chronic, acute or recurrent.
Pick a natural home remedy for swollen tonsils

Self-help proves to be the best help, for tonsillitis though uncomfortable can easily be treated with natural home remedies. These remedies can also be carried on along with treatment with a physician. The first natural home remedy that anyone of us can think of as effective is gargling with warm salt water many times a day; this would help reduce swelling and throat pain. Moderation is the keyword as far as temperature of the water and amount of salt in concerned. Some have also benefitting with a gargle with fenugreek seeds or purified alum, with applying the dry powder of alum over the swollen tonsils also proving effective.

The grandma natural remedy for any infection is to drink a lot of fluids and remain hydrated, with this applying to tonsillitis also. Raw vegetable juices of carrot, beet and cucumber in the ratio of 3:1:1 has proved very beneficial, with many also finding great relief in taking frozen fluids. Frozen fluids have numbing effect on the tonsillitis. It is also common to find that many find relief in taking hot herbal teas with honey. Clear vegetable soups of ginger, pepper, tomato, chicken and basil leaves have also proved beneficial. It is best to consume warm liquids in place of very hot ones as warm beverages like hot tea, broth or warm water reduce swelling and ease discomfort, while hot liquids could increase pain in throat.

Acidic drinks, spicy foods and sour substances like curds, fried foods and buttermilk are best avoided. You could pick on a natural home remedy that has done wonders for many; putting black pepper and salt on a lemon piece after cutting it to half helps. Put salt-pepper with a knife on half a lemon piece heat a little till warm, before licking it by squeezing it a bit. Take 2 to 3 times in a day to get effective help in tonsillitis.

The basic natural home remedy for swollen tonsils lies in following a routine of hygiene combined with a lot of rest.Hygiene could also involve avoiding smoking or exposure to second hand smoke. In addition disposing off of tooth brushes used at the time of tonsils infection and replacing it every month helps reduce buildup of bacteria. Rest involves avoiding actions like yelling, smoking, talking, and singing that could affect the throat. In addition taking adequate rest at home along with nursing a fever could contain the spread of this infection. In severe cases where antibiotics are a must they should be continued till the entire course is over.
Pick an effective natural home remedy for swollen tonsils if you suffer from tonsillitis.