The process by means of which the food intake of every living organism is converted in to fuel and energy for the needs of the body is called metabolism. A good metabolism, process the food fast and in time for the body needs. Thus energy is provided for the body and it keeps the figure slim and fit. As age advances metabolism slows down leading to indigestion and lack of energy which makes the person fat or obese. A few foods that boost metabolism and keep your energy flowing for you to be active, slim and healthy are given here.

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What you must Eat and avoid

The golden rule from time immemorial is to eat healthy food and do exercise. Dont skip breakfast because the bight is the longest period that the body has no food and your energy level is low. Caffeine in coffee will raise the energy level temporarily but you will feel weak and cannot focus well on your job.

Cereal high in fiber, fresh fruit, a cup of coffee or tea will be ideal for breakfast. For lunch you can have first like tuna or salmon with a serving of salad or vegetables that boost metabolism. Do not starve your body as it will slow down the metabolism and have a reverse effect on your energy levels. Better you have a small meal every 4-5 hours by taking snacks that boost your metabolism. Healthy snacks like fruits, almonds, a few pumpkin seeds or half cup of trail mix will keep your metabolism occupied without damaging the calories and fat content. Dinner should always be light as your activities for the day are over and the calories will not be consumed but deposited and changed in to fat.

Why should you consider Foods, that Boost Metabolism?

It is because it ensures that you have the energy you need daily and this will keep you healthy and slim. Boosting metabolism helps you lose weight and is the only way to give your body the energy it requires to exercise or do any other activity. Watch what you eat and the quantity. Do not go for second serving. Do not eat every thing from the plate. Eating slowly and enjoying every morsel is very effective in making people eat only the required amount of good for the body and avoiding weight gain. An adult needs 2500 calories and a woman 2200 calories a day. Over eating slows down your metabolism and creates digestive problems, weight gain and other serious disorders.

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