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How To Heal Sinus Infection Naturally

Understand about sinusitis or sinus infection

Sinus infection that most of us must have experienced at some time or the other is surprisingly the infection that affects more people than we would expect. Sinusitis is the inflammation/infection of the mucous membranes or sinuses in our nose with bacteria, fungus, allergies, cold, virus and other agents. It is surprising to note that the sinuses that are covered with mucous layers and cells and that otherwise act as defense mechanisms to trap and throw out pollutants, bacteria and virus get infected. Irritations, infection and inflammation act as stimulants to promote mucous formation and throw out the bacteria.

The symptoms of sinusitis when mucous gets trapped in the sinuses shows up as cold symptoms lasting over 10 days, thick green/yellow mucous, accompanied by headache, pressure on eyes, nose, cheek area, one-sided headache, fatigue pain in upper molar and flu like symptoms. It is true that antibiotics, decongestants, and antihistamines have proved useful in fighting infection and providing relief, but doctors find that preventing further attacks would help. So it is best to look at preventive measures and how to heal sinus infection naturally.

Looking at various methods to heal sinus infection naturally brings to mind some points

Acute sinusitis could be a result of infection in the upper respiratory tract, this infection caused by bacteria like Moraxella catarrhalis, Haemophilus influenzae, and Streptococcus pneumoniae, with allergens and pollutants triggering this infection. So it is best to look for healing sinus infection naturally in avoiding dust and dust mites that could play havoc. It proves very important to take care to prevent dust and dust mites especially in bedrooms.

Making sure to avoid excess furniture in bedrooms with avoiding heavy drapes and wall to wall carpeting would help to take care of reducing dust that could enter the mucous membranes and play havoc when you are asleep. Ensure you get clean and pure air with regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system.

Quality sleep, rest and relaxation have been magic potent not only for fighting the infection of the sinuses, but also for healing the body. It is good to note that sleep is essential, but it is further important to note that you should sleep with your head in an elevated position with placing an extra pillow below your head and upper part of the body. An elevated head position helps to keep the sinuses and nasal passages open even while sleeping. In addition a weekend free of phone calls, TV and the laptop could do wonders, and better results could be expected with relaxing with an interesting book or watching cartoons.

Heal sinus infection naturally with making sure to drink hot liquids that could not only help you open up your sinuses, but also provide moisture to the mucous membranes and speed up the elimination of it. It would prove great to have herbal, green, black and decaffeinated teas along with pepper, garlic, basil leaves, chicken and ginger in soups often during the day.

Caffeinated drinks may not prove as effective, but it definitely helps to even carry tea-bags while travelling and drink tea prepared with hot water available at various places. Warm compresses with a towel soaked in warm water applied in the facial area especially between the eyes and below it helps in improving sinuses circulation and the movement of mucous from the nasal passages.

As an important last resort to heal sinus infection naturally it would pay to have a look at aromatherapy, with oils like eucalyptus, horseradish, menthol and Japanese wasabi mustard proving to be great to open up congested nasal passages and sinuses especially in the cold long winter months.

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