Health Tips for Seniors

how to exercise and lose weight at home

In today’s age, where the junk food overrules home-cooked food, there is an increasing and alarming rise of obesity among people from all over the world. In order for you to get rid of obesity, you must exercise regularly, and cut down on the food intake, particularly, food with a high sugar level. One must know for a fact that, getting obese is actually enabling a breeding ground of diseases in your body.

Heart attack, coupled with respiratory disease, is diseases that are prone to people who are obese. You should take corrective measures, lest you suffer from such fatal diseases, and die a premature death. Going to a nutritionist, you would get to know your body mass index (BMI), and that would be a good indicator as to what your weight should be in proportion with your height.

If you happen to be a few pounds heavier, consider going for regular exercise, mostly free hand, so that those few pounds can be shed within a matter of months. If you feel that, you are not able to go to a gym, then there are many exercises which can actually help you in getting rid of flab in the comfort of your home.

The first exercise that you can do that can reduce weight from your waist and thighs are squats. Squats can actually mean that you keep your back straight, and get down in a sitting posture, keeping the flat of your feet in its place. This exercise can be done in the comfort of your own living room, and you would not need any trained personnel to help guide you in this exercise. This exercise can help you get rid of the extra flab around your waist and legs, in turn, strengthening your muscles in that area.

Another exercise that you could do that can actually help you in getting strength to your upper part of the body is push-ups. In push-ups, you would have to extend your hand, keep your body straight and perpendicular to the floor level, and support the entire weight of your body in the palm of your hands and the tips of your feet. Then you would need to let the body come as close to the floor level, and then with the strength of your forearms, help your body to push away from the floor. In doing this exercise, your cardiovascular region, coupled with the strength of your forearms will be increased manifold, and the access flab that lead accumulated in this area would be gotten rid of.

With the use of a skipping rope, you could also do a very good exercise called jumping Jack. In this exercise, you would just have to jump over the skipping rope, while revolving the skipping rope around your body. This can be a very healthy exercise, as the flab from the entire part of your body would be exterminated, and you would find that this exercise can give you immediate results.

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