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Headache from brain tumor

Headache caused by brain tumors are extremely rare. More than one-half of all people with medical complaint have headaches, but an extremely small number of them have brain tumor. It is also true, however, that nearly all people with brain tumors, brain abscesses, cysts or brain blood clots will have headaches of varying degree.

The pain of an expanding growth within the skull is due to an increase of pressure which stretches and distorts blood vessels in the brain covering. As previously seen, these are the only structures within the head capable of feeling pain. Brain tumor headache has no distinguishing mark about it.

It appears at no regular time of the day. It might be of a throbbing nature or a steady ache, and it may be of a come and go nature. There are often accompanying changes in the personality such as irritability and forgetfulness, and periods of hallucinations, or sudden vomiting, are frequent. Headaches due to brain tumors are endured for long periods of time before their cause is even suspected and often these symptoms help in making the diagnosis of the underlying cause.

Although nearly all brain tumors are accompanied by headaches of some degree, it is well to know that over half of all brain tumors are not cancerous, and that the surgical cure of such tumors is not nearly so formidable as is generally thought.

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