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Chronic, Recurring Infection of the Gall bladder.

Once the gall bladder has become acutely inflamed, it is likely that a low degree of irritation will persist indefinitely. In the presence of irritating stones, frequent flare-ups may occur to make the gall bladder’s future even more miserable, with continuing indigestions, gas and inability to tolerate fatty, greasy foods.

Some people with gall bladder disease are carried along comfortably by their physician on proper diets, but for the severely diseased and stone-containing gall bladder, the doctor may advise surgical removal. This is particularly true in the elderly patient, who usually will have more difficulty with his gall bladder from year to year.

Sound advise from a good physician in gall bladder disease has no substitute.

Cancer of the Gall bladder. Cancer in the gall bladder usually becomes known only after the gall bladder has been removed because of pain, stones or infection. Cancer is found in about 1 percent of all gall bladders removed, and in this group the outlook is dark indeed.

Gall bladder stones have been blamed for the irritation which is probably responsible for cancer, and for this reason, many doctors recommend removal of the gall bladder whenever stones are found.

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