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Skin abnormalities – Wens and Lipoma


A wen is a blocked and much enlarged skin gland. When the duct of the skin gland becomes blocked by a blackhead-like process, considerable secretion from the gland accumulates and stretches it into a small, balloon-like structure. Under the skin it feels like a smooth, painless enlargement about the size of a pea to an acorn.

They are usually found in the scalp, back or scrotum, and are definitely not cancerous; however, they may become infected, and develop into a rapidly growing boil-like process. Treatment of wens consists of simple surgical removal. The balloon-like lining of the over-stretched gland must be completely removed or it tends to recur.


Lipomas are soft growths of fat just under the skin, occurring most often on the trunk, neck, arms, and armpits. They vary in size from a pea to an orange, and are usually painless, soft and easily compressed between the fingers.

A lipoma is not cancerous in nature, but sometimes it is confused with cancerous growths which also may be present just under the skin. Because of this confusion and because of their cosmetic appearance, they usually are removed in a very simple surgical operation.