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Usage of Garlic for Curing Thrush

What is Thrush

Candida infection leads to thrush of oral cavity or the vaginal cavity in women. Symptoms of thrush are irritation, pain, itching, and redness around the mouth or vaginal areas, depending on the location where the fungal infection has spread. Patients need to adapt to a healthy life style, make changes in their eating habits to overcome the symptoms caused by this yeast fungal infection.

There are several home remedies suggested by various practitioners to overcome the problems associated with thrush. One of the most important home remedies that can be followed by all the patients is the sage of garlic.

Garlic as Curative for Thrush

Garlic, since ages, has been used in all cultures as an antiseptic and antibiotic to treat various ailments. Garlic has proven its efficiency in treating almost all types of the yeast Candida that cause thrush of oral and vaginal cavities. Garlic is rich in allicin, a chemical that has the potency to kill viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Garlic for Oral Thrush

If taken internally, garlic should be eaten in raw form. Around two cloves of garlic every day should be sufficient. If the garlic is cooked, the required component allicin is totally destroyed. An alternative to eat fresh garlic will be to squeeze out the juice from the garlic and mix it with any other juice and take it internally. Crushed garlic, left out for five minutes, will release allicin from its cells completely. This is one of the best ways to get the maximum benefit from garlic. Regular usage of garlic builds up the immunity levels in the body and resistance to overcome the oral thrush.

Garlic for Vaginal Thrush

For vaginal thrush, the garlic should be slightly crushed and folded into a bandage gauge and carefully inserted into the vaginal cavity and it should be left for at least three hours. Usually within three days, most of the symptoms will disappear or will get drastically reduced. This procedure should be repeated three times in a day. Yeast fungus cannot grow in garlic surrounded environment. Hence its usage is very beneficial for treating thrush of the vaginal cavity.

Side Effects of Garlic Overdose

Garlic if taken in excessive amounts several times a day internally and on an empty stomach, may show some symptoms like diahorrea, bad breath, bad odor, stomach ache etc. If the patient is supposed to undergo any surgery, then the usage of garlic should be stopped at least ten days before the surgery as garlic has got anti blood clotting agents.