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Treatment of Preeclampsia – A Possible Medical Breakthrough?

May is National Preeclampsia Awareness month. Hard to believe, but no treatment exists today for this most common medical complication of pregnancy Could the answer to repairing the ailing placenta in preeclampsia lie within the stem cells of a healthy placenta? According to findings from an early preclinical study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M College of Medicine, there is new evidence that administrating placenta-derived cells may help reverse the symptoms associated with preeclampsia in a matter of days after dosing with no harmful effects to mother or baby.

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The Coffee Opportunity – Change your Coffee, Change your Life

These days, consumers who love the taste of fresh, rich coffee are more discerning than ever before. If you’re one of these java gourmands, you really need to learn about the Organo Gold Company. This stellar coffee manufacturer produces healthier coffee that contains a special extract of Ganoderma Lucidum (a medicinal herb), which is proven to benefit human health.

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Enjoy Delicious Coffee that Comes with a Host of Added Health Benefits

Because Organo Gold Company coffee is a healthier form of coffee, it purifies and strengthens the human body, while also tasting utterly delicious. This is why Organo Gold Company java is world-renowned for its superior and unique qualities. Every cup of Organo Gold coffee is fortified with a potent, safe and all-natural extract known as Ganederma Lucidum.

Used for centuries in Asian nations, such as China, Korea and Japan, Ganederma Lucidum extract provides the ultimate in anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-hypotensive and anti-inflammatory properties. Ganederma Lucidum is a mushroom which is used to promote better health and wellness.

When you choose to drink Organo Gold brand coffee, you may be able to enjoy more than great taste and additional health benefits. You may also be able to make plenty of cold, hard cash. Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of this superlative brand of coffee, let’s talk about why it’s such an impressive money-making opportunity for millions of coffee drinkers all over the world…including you.

How to Make Money with Organo Gold Company Coffee

By combining pure, organic and delicious coffee with the power of Ganoderma Lucidum, the makers of Organo Gold Company coffee provide a unique product that is very appealing to many different demographics and market segments. When you choose to sell Organo Gold products to retail customers, you’ll be able to earn lucrative profits of up to one hundred percent.

You may choose from daily or weekly payments, in order to access a convenient payment structure that will suit your lifestyle and business goals to absolute perfection. By marketing Organo Gold products to a range of retail clients, such as restaurant owners, café managers, health and wellness specialists and anti-aging experts, you’ll be able to boost your profits quickly and dependably.

When it comes to selling Organo Gold products, which include a range of coffee blends, a variety of nutraceuticals and an assortment of personal care products, the only limitation will be your own drive and determination. Because this coffee brand has something that other coffee brands simply can’t match, deciding to sell Organo Gold coffee (and related items) will be an ideal way to become a savvy entrepreneur who is able to enjoy a whole new world of cash-generating opportunities. In other words, by making the decision to sell this healthy line of products today, you may just get paid every time someone drinks a cup of coffee.

To find out more about everything that the Organo Gold Company has to offer, be sure to visit the firm’s official website today, at: When you do, you’ll be able to learn more about the company’s exceptional line of products, as well as their exciting retail opportunities.

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